Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let's play a game!

GmaI saw this on facebook and thought it would be fun! Google your first name meme and click images and see what you get (For me, "Melissa meme")!  I was glad this one came up first, even with the misspelling (unless I missed a pun?) because the next few were pretty unflattering!  Link me in the comments if you try it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My life is so full of random events, here's a random update post about it.

Whew, so much to update!  I'm realizing this blog has become something of a personal journal (with a few readers/commenters, which pleases me to no end!  Hi Ladies! Thanks for reading and commenting!), but I think I'm okay with that.   I want to remember a lot of this stuff, especially things with the kids, so it might not be thrilling reading, but that's okay.

Where to start...let's see...

I had my polyp removed and it was massive!  I should have named it.  Yes they showed it to me. Yes it was gross.  The procedure was pretty uncomfortable, but only took 10 minutes or so. I was sore for a few days too.  They had to use two different medications/techniques on the site, so that was a little yucky for a week or so.  They'd also performed my pap and on Monday I checked the online system and saw a message to call the doctors office. Turns out my pap was abnormal, but when I talked to the nurse the next day she assured me it was because of the polyp (the cells simply didn't all look the same), and the pathology report was benign and my HPV test was negative.  I'll just need to repeat the pap next year (like normal).  So that's all good!

However, my period seems to be showing up today, which would be another 24 day cycle, just like two months ago.  A (our family "doctor"/PA) and I had discussed the short cycle thing and she suggested taking ovulation test to figure out if I'm just ovulating early.  I suppose it's possible that I am ovulating early.  I would seriously have to be ovulating around day 10-12 for this to be a "healthy" cycle though, and for a natural day 18-21 day ovulator, that seems awfully different.  Of course, that was pre-AJ, so who knows?  I guess I should get on Amazon and order some cheapies...

I took AJ for his 2 year check up.  I can't remember his height and weight, but she was happy with everything.  We've rescheduled his assessment with First Steps, since there are several sounds he can't make and he refuses to drink from a straw.  They'll come on the 17th.  When we were done talking about AJ, A dropped the bombshell--she's leaving.  We were both in tears over it.  I guess I'm not surprised--one of the great things about their practice is that they have evening and weekend hours and accept walk ins.  That translates to long days and evening and weekend hours. She has two kids, each slightly younger than Tyler and AJ, and she doesn't live super close to the office. Long story short, she wants to spend more time at home, so she's moving to an OB/GYN office in a town just to the west of Indy.  I completely understand and wish her nothing but the best, but we are going to miss her like crazy.  She gave me her email address and said to keep in touch.  Now I need to decide what to do.  I like the other providers in the practice, but not really enough to stay with them.  I'm going to look for family practices, I think, and probably closer to home (this office is on the west side. We were living around there when I started going and kept driving the distance from the southside because we loved A so much. It was sort of a pain to take the kids all the way up there for visits, though it was kind of convenient when I had appointments, since it's not too far from work on the north side).  It's overwhelming and I'm sort of doubtful to find a provider that I'm as comfortable with as I was with A.  I did tell her I'd like to be her patient at her new practice, even just for yearly exams!  I'd think even consider going there for OB care, if we have another baby, although that would depend on what hospitals they used.  Their office wouldn't really be convenient to work or home, but a certain amount of travel is worth it to me to keep in touch with her!

I also had my eyes checked.  The last few years, I've been finding places that offer something called OptiMap.  It's basically a fancy camera that can take a picture of the back side of our eye, without dilating the pupils with drops.  I hate having my eyes dilated.  However, my rheumatologist said that with the new medication I'm taking for the lupus-ish (remember, I'm not officially diagnosed), I really need to stick with seeing a true Ophthalmologist, and dilation is really the best way to monitor my eyes for any changes that could be caused by the medication.  The appointment was fine and the dilation was unpleasant but manageable.  The most notable part of the visit was when the nurse was confirming my information and I glanced at the computer screen and informed her that I wasn't Melissa Hyphenatedlastname-LastName.  She then asked if my last appointment was in January.  I said, no, I was a new patient.  It turns out, there was some mix up in there system and my file was intermixed with the file of ANOTHER Melissa LastName who--get this--has the SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME.  *Cue Twilight Zone Music*  Seriously, how weird is that?  Another person with my first AND last name AND birthday?!  Oh and her hyphenated last name, which I'm assuming is a maiden name, is a COLOR.  My maiden name was also a color, though a different color.  LOL mind spinning.  Onwards.

What else? Ugh this is what I get for waiting too long to update.  Oh, here's another super random LOL moment. Yesterday on lunch, I went to do a little clothes shopping for school clothes for Tyler.  On the way home from work, I was pulling things out of the bag to show Adam and I found a cordless phone.  Apparently the cashier had accidentally folded the phone up with the clothes and it ended up in my shopping bag!  I call the store (hoping they had a second hand set!) and told them about it.  The saleslady laughed. I said I'd drop it by in a day or two and she offered some in store credit if I did.  So random!  Lots of randomness lately!  Chickens and Dopplegangers and Wayward Phones!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween gave me the chills!

What is it with Halloween?  I swear, at least 98% of the Halloween's in my life have either been either A-Freezing B-Raining and/or snowing or C-All of the above.  This one was a big ole C!  By the time we got home from work it was super cold and had gone from flurries to pouring rain.  We ordered a pizza to it would be a quick dinner and watched out the window for a break in the rain. We decided that since AJ really didn't know what was going on and also did not like to wear his costume, he would stay home with Daddy handing out candy while Tyler and I ventured out into the elements and hoped for the best.

Check out my little Mikey!

I love how his winter coat made him look all muscle-y

Waving in front of his face. Check out our no-carve pumpkins!

Trick or Treat!

Suckering Daddy out of more candy

In hindsight, we probably went the wrong direction for a good stretch of houses with their porch lights on (seriously, why are so many people Halloween scrooges?), but in the end, we probably stayed out an hour at most and only hit about a dozen or so houses.  One lady took pity on Tyler and gave him SEVERAL handfuls of candy so we "wouldn't have to stay out so long".  In the end, he decided he was done (and needed to go potty), so we doubled back and went inside.  Poor guy was wet up to his knees, but he had fun and got a good amount of loot!

I put AJ's costume (Tyler's recycled one from ages 2 and 3) on to try to get some pictures and he was SO not into it.  These were the best I could get

Choo Choo!
Hat coming off

Getting ready to rip this thing off

Sans hat--Where'd it go?
So all in all, we'll call it a win!  I can't believe how big they are getting.  I'll get to updates or content soon, but for now, here are two more pictures from the weekend.  Love my boys!

Sleeping Bug-a-Boo. You can't see it, but he had the most amazing wild hair here.

I can haz cheez ball? Yes I can!