Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Man, I would post a lot more often if Blogger would stop CRASHING on my phone all the time!!!!  Grr.  Anyway.  I guess it was just a matter of time before I hit the dreaded plateau.  I'm there.  It started off when the weight loss challenge at work ended.  I allowed myself to slack slightly on workouts and food, then things got stressful at home (nothing bad, just very busy and a lot going on), then I caught a cold that was awful for two weeks and lingered longer than that.  On the plus side, I've basically maintained (my weight fluctuates up and down every day, but basically it has a sort of average), which is awesome.  It lets me know that once I've gotten to a goal weight, I should be able to maintain it pretty well with 3-4 workouts a week and watching what I eat.  On the down side, I just haven't managed to buckle down and really get the routine back.

I had been doing an ab DVD, but I decided it probably wasn't as effective at weight loss as it is toning, so I'll save it for later.  I splurged a bit on phase 1 of Jillian's Body Revolution.  It's a slightly different program of hers.  Basically there are 5 workouts--4 circuit training and one cardio.  Weeks 1 and 2 are basically this:  Monday-Workout 1, Tuesday-Workout 2, Wednesday-Cardio, Thursday-Workout 1, Friday-Workout 2, Saturday-Cardio, Sunday rest.  Then weeks 3 and 4 is the same, but with workouts 3 and 4.  I like this kind of set up, something different every day.  It comes with a resistance band too, which is a nice thing to add to my repertoire, though you only use it once is workout 2 so far.  There are two more phases after this one, for a 90 day program altogether, although I can't seem to find anywhere that sells the second or third phase WITHOUT being bundled with the first, but I guess I'll figure that out later.  I did three days last week and then life happened and I got distracted.

I have to recommit.  With today's weigh in, I have officially lost 40 lbs (my ticker has been rounding down for the last two weeks since I last updated it--I had been at 39.6 so it bumped me to 40), but that's only down 3.8 lbs since 1/6 and I need to do better than that.  I can do better than that.  I'm not going to let it get me down, I'm still doing well.  I didn't stop watching what I ate altogether, I didn't stop working out, I just relaxed my habits a bit.  But its time to get serious again.  I still want to hit my primary goal weight of 155 lbs by my one year mark, July 11th.  That's 137 days from now or 19.5 weeks.  That basically means I need to average about 1.5 lbs a week.  So far I've averaged 1.2 lbs per week.  I can do it, but it won't be easy.  But to quote Bethany Hamilton (or the movie about her, at least), "I don't need easy, I just need possible."

I need to get back to tracking my calories.  I hate it, but I do better if I'm tracking.  And I want to get back to working out 5-6 days a week at least.  I need to MAKE time.  This is important.  I feel better physically having lost 40 lbs, I know I'll only feel better losing more.   I like how I look in clothing better now, but I know I can look better (darn stubborn tummy).

I can DO this!

In other news, had a great three day weekend to make up for a rotten/busy few ones recently. Adam's been working (installing flooring and doing two Saturday's this month) so we really needed a nice weekend and we got one.  Friday we hit a few Goodwills (he hunts for things to sell online) and I even scored with a couple of sets of ankle and wrist weights and a few other items (usually I don't find anything for myself).  We had a nice lunch with mom and the kids too and went back out in the evening for one more goodwill and dinner, just Adam and me and the boys.  Saturday was errands, hitting the mall for a few things, and buying a new microwave.  The Saturday evening was DATE NIGHT!  We had a great time, dinner at our favorite steakhouse and a movie.  There wasn't much out we were interested in seeing, so we opted to see Frozen, which twin said was awesome. She was right, it's adorable!  Great music, super sweet (and sad) story, lots of funny bits.  We felt silly, two adults seeing it, but I don't regret it. I wished we'd brought Tyler, but I'm not sure he's ready to sit through a whole movie.  Sunday was grocery shopping and then twin came over for dinner and I had her look through some of my old clothes that I'm getting ready to take for consignment.

Oh...one more thing I did on Friday.

Registered Tyler for kindergarten.

WHERE did my BABY go?!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with Friends

OMG I wrote this awhile ago and never published it!  Ah well, better late then never!!This took place 1/26!  I think there is snow in my brain!

I have awesome friends, you guys.  Yesterday, we had our Christmas (yeah it's late, we are all so busy) get together-brunch with some of our closest friends.  The girls are all friends from high school and prior and they are all married now and the guys are all friends of Adam's.  How perfect, right?  So 8 adults and we've added 4 kiddos to the mix now, so it's quite a group!

Quick review of the players:
Gabrielle (Gabby), Patrick (Pat) and Logan--Gabby and I met in Jr. High and were friends all through high school and college and beyond.  Gabby met Patrick in college and Adam was Pat's best friend!  They set us up and the rest is history!  Their son Logan is 2.5 and a total sweetheart!

Pam, Clif, and Charlotte (Harley)--Pam and I have known each other since Kindergarten!  My mom went to high school with her Dad too.  Pam and Clif met at one of Gabby and Pat's 4th of July parties.  Little Miss Harley will be one in April!

Mandy and Nathan (Nate)--Mandy and I became friends in high school.  Gabby set her and Nate up in college (yes, she and Pat are responsible for all of our marriages!) and they hope to add a baby to our mix soon, but in the meantime, they have many many pets, mostly reptiles!

And of course--Me, Adam, Tyler, and AJ.

I was worried that either the weather (which actually stayed calm on the snow front, although it's below zero now) or my awful sickiness would stop us from going, but luckily we didn't get much snow for once and I was finally feeling a little better (I had a bit of relapse Friday/Saturday and felt horrible).  Gabby and Pat hosted and we had a great time, eating sandwiches, salad, fruit, and yummy desserts, talking, and watching the kids play.  It's so cool to see us now--it's just surreal!


Gabby and Logan, AJ in the background and the blur that is Tyler in the foreground

Pam and Clif with their baby Harley (check out the Daddy love!)

Pam, Clif, Harley, Mandy and Nate (on the sofa)

Patrick is in the chair, Adam in there in front of me. Also note shizuhs Winnie under the table and Lexi begging to Pat

Logan (near) with Tyler and AJ in the background, playing in the mess they've made

Sweet baby Harley with her mama (Pam)
 SO MUCH FUN!  And we planned our next get together--the girls and I are going indoor rock climbing!  I was hoping I could convince them to go with me!  I thought it would be fun to do something active together!  We always get together for birthdays (Gabby and Pam's are both in March) so we'll couple lunch with an activity!  We talked about going roller skating sometime too, that'll be a hoot!


Friday, February 7, 2014


If you understand that title you win a prize!  And your prize is (most likely) a TON of that cold white stuff!

As most of the country is painfully aware, we've been getting a lot of snow this year.  Like A LOT.  This week was no exception and we got over 7 inches Tuesday-Wednesday.  It started snowing about 2:00 pm on Tuesday while I was at work.  At first it was just flurries, but about five minutes later it was seriously snowing.  My boss told us we could leave at 4.  Adam and I carpool, so I let him know and asked him if he could leave early too.  He agreed (sort of) but didn't come out of his office until 4:45 pm.  We headed home. Visibility was pretty bad and roads were definitely icing up.  Half way home, in an area called the South Split (Dead Man's Mile is what I'm going to call it--a few years ago we hit some sort of trailer hitch that was bouncing down the road and tore the oil pan on our Vibe apart.  Seriously, the exact same stretch of highway), BUMP!  Yep. We got rear ended.

So that was fun.  Luckily, it doesn't look like we have any real damage.  We haven't examined it really carefully, because it is SNOWY and COLD.  But we got the driver's info, so I guess if we need it, we can use it.  We finally got home and I slipped (didn't fall, just slipped) and pulled a whole bunch of muscles in my back. Boy was I glad to get home and stay there!

As for the rest of the week, AJ caught my awful cold and is pitifully miserable.  Adam installed flooring at his mom's house Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Wednesday I put on a movie (Tangled--seriously probably my all time favorite animated movie) and the kids and I hung out and had leftover pizza.  AJ fell asleep just before 8 so I was able to put him down and get Tyler off to bed and I even got my workout in!  Success!  I'm back on track and I've unofficially dropped a little bit--SO CLOSE to 40 lbs down!!

Last night we had another Mommy Movie night and watched the Croods.  The kids were a little rough, AJ really wasn't feeling good and Tyler refused his dinner, but we got through the evening.  Neither of them slept well though UGH!

I also found out I'm going to be traveling to Birmingham in April for work. I've been once before, with the whole group of people that do my job across the company, but this time it's just me and one other girl with a group at the corporate office.  I'll definitely need to get some clothes that fit better before that trip!  I'm actually considering buying my first pair of SKINNY JEANS!  I love how they look with knee high boots, so I just might treat myself!  We'll see!

Stay warm peeps!  (I know, I know, impossible in this weather...Snowmaggedon out there!)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fantastic Five!

It happened.  My baby turned five last week!  I can't believe how fast he is growing up!  Guys, I started contacting schools for KINDERGARTEN last week!  How is it possible???

So before I get on to the birthday celebrations, here's what Tyler is like at 5!
  • He weighs 37 lbs and is 41 inches tall.  He's still on the smaller size for his age, but he gained quite a bit on height this year!
  • He still struggles with reflux and right now that's only made worse because my insurance doesn't want to cover his meds anymore.  We've appealed, but so far no change.  We're trying a different medication, but his eating has suffered, so I am thinking it's not going to work, at least not long term. It's so frustrating!
  • He's still a very picky eater.  His favorite foods are pizza, fries, chicken nuggets (McDonalds only), vegetable soup, strawberries, and cheese.
  • He has endless energy!
  • He loves hotwheels, dinosaurs, and BUGS
  • He loves to play with his baby brother and make him laugh
  • He is starting to read!  I think it's more of recognizing word than truly reading them, but I'm astonished at how many he is picking up!
  • He loves red, green, blue and purple, changing his favorite color every day.  But when it comes to socks, red is his absolute favorite!  He also recently got a pair of red rubber boots.
  • He love anything electronic and is a whiz at it.
  • He still surprises people with the things he says, he's scary smart
  • Our special phrase that he loves is "I love you. So much. To the moon and back. Forever and ever, no matter what." <3
On his birthday, we had considered going out for dinner, but the snowy roads discouraged that, so we brought home one of his favorites (Steak and Shake, he loves their veggie soup).  He had been so excited all day and waited so patiently for evening to come (since we had to work of course).  He was thrilled with his very own recliner, table top foosball, pinball machine, and DVDs.

I don't have as many pictures as I want.  I have GOT to get a decent camera, so many are coming out horribly blurry!
Daddy presents Tyler's Throne

The prince approves!

Time out for a birthday call from Grandma and Grandpa Long
Sunday we held his birthday party for our close family.  We don't have enough room to have it at home inside so we had it at a local pizza place.  We had his party there two years ago as well and I realized yesterday during the party that two years ago at the very place I'd just found out I was pregnant with AJ. So Aw! :)  Anyway, Tyler had a blast!  Pizza, cake (and cake pops), presents, family, what more could a kid want?

*You can see in some of the pictures that lovely bruise on his poor little face!  We were picking up a few things for the party at a party supply store and he ran smack into a basket that was hanging low on a shelf.  Poor guy!

What's inside?

Reading the card

Checking it out!

Happy guy!

Daddy with AJ

Tyler and his cousin Toby checking out his new cars
I can't believe it's been five years since this little life-changer was born.  He's is so precious to me!  LOVE HIM!