Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with Friends

OMG I wrote this awhile ago and never published it!  Ah well, better late then never!!This took place 1/26!  I think there is snow in my brain!

I have awesome friends, you guys.  Yesterday, we had our Christmas (yeah it's late, we are all so busy) get together-brunch with some of our closest friends.  The girls are all friends from high school and prior and they are all married now and the guys are all friends of Adam's.  How perfect, right?  So 8 adults and we've added 4 kiddos to the mix now, so it's quite a group!

Quick review of the players:
Gabrielle (Gabby), Patrick (Pat) and Logan--Gabby and I met in Jr. High and were friends all through high school and college and beyond.  Gabby met Patrick in college and Adam was Pat's best friend!  They set us up and the rest is history!  Their son Logan is 2.5 and a total sweetheart!

Pam, Clif, and Charlotte (Harley)--Pam and I have known each other since Kindergarten!  My mom went to high school with her Dad too.  Pam and Clif met at one of Gabby and Pat's 4th of July parties.  Little Miss Harley will be one in April!

Mandy and Nathan (Nate)--Mandy and I became friends in high school.  Gabby set her and Nate up in college (yes, she and Pat are responsible for all of our marriages!) and they hope to add a baby to our mix soon, but in the meantime, they have many many pets, mostly reptiles!

And of course--Me, Adam, Tyler, and AJ.

I was worried that either the weather (which actually stayed calm on the snow front, although it's below zero now) or my awful sickiness would stop us from going, but luckily we didn't get much snow for once and I was finally feeling a little better (I had a bit of relapse Friday/Saturday and felt horrible).  Gabby and Pat hosted and we had a great time, eating sandwiches, salad, fruit, and yummy desserts, talking, and watching the kids play.  It's so cool to see us now--it's just surreal!


Gabby and Logan, AJ in the background and the blur that is Tyler in the foreground

Pam and Clif with their baby Harley (check out the Daddy love!)

Pam, Clif, Harley, Mandy and Nate (on the sofa)

Patrick is in the chair, Adam in there in front of me. Also note shizuhs Winnie under the table and Lexi begging to Pat

Logan (near) with Tyler and AJ in the background, playing in the mess they've made

Sweet baby Harley with her mama (Pam)
 SO MUCH FUN!  And we planned our next get together--the girls and I are going indoor rock climbing!  I was hoping I could convince them to go with me!  I thought it would be fun to do something active together!  We always get together for birthdays (Gabby and Pam's are both in March) so we'll couple lunch with an activity!  We talked about going roller skating sometime too, that'll be a hoot!


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