Monday, December 15, 2014

Sensing a trend here

It never fails, in late November and most of December, I get crazy busy and therefore don't post much.  I guess it's understandable, work is crazy busy at the end of the year and of course, there are the holidays.  I don't even know what I have missed blogging out, so here are some bullets of the goings-on around here--in no particular order:

  • My older sister is thankfully (and amazingly) fine after hitting a patch of ice and ROLLING her SUV (several times).  Her Blazer was predictably totaled, but she escaped with some cuts and a black eye, for which we are eternally grateful.  It was extremely scary.
  • Tyler had his first toothache, which led to an odyssey of dental surgery on the day before Thanksgiving. Poor guy had to have four crowns, two fillings, and two sealants. The dentist says that his acid reflux is to blame and we'd been putting this off for a little while, so it needed to be done.  It was rough, his throat was SUPER sore (they had a hard time getting the breathing tube in apparently) and was super pathetic for days, but we go through it.  I hate the crowns, because you can see them when he talks, but I'm glad his teeth don't hurt anymore and I am hopeful that this work will hold him in good stead as long as he has his baby teeth.
  • AJ has also had his share of injuries.  He had a bruise on his cheek, multiple bumps on the head and one on his upper lip, just in the last two weeks.  He's always on the move and he is definitely my climber/daredevil.  
  • Adam also makes the injury list, after he sliced his index finger last night.  He was in the garage, opening the battery case on something he got in an auction and instead of hunting up a screwdriver (in the GARAGE, where we KEEP THEM) he used a knife.  Oops.  The doctor used some special piece of foam to close it and then gave him a tetnus shot (which he says hurts more than his finger does).
  • I think that concludes the injury list--Please let that be the end of it! Onto less negative stuff!
  • I'm still working the Canadian invoicing at work.  They are planning to start interviewing soon and I've been told to get a passport, so it looks like a trip to Canada is in my future!
  • I'm about 85% done with my Christmas shopping, but completely done buying for the kids!  I did have to spend about $25 more than I wanted on one particular gift for Tyler, because we waited too long and everywhere was out.  But  I got it!
  • I'm super anxious because they are switching RX companies on my benefits.  Remember this post where I wrote about my triumph over the RX company not wanting to cover Tyler's reflux meds?  Well I was supposed to be set, because the guy I spoke to said just to call him once a year and tell him the medication was still needed, and he'd take care of the approval.  Well, now this is happening.  And there has been some sort of hold up, and we don't even have our plan information yet, so I can't even find out if the medication will be covered or not.  I'm praying it is, this company is supposed to be better than the last, but I'm terrified it won't be covered at all and then I'll have to start all over again and go to war.  Ugh.
  • I am literally counting down the DAYS until I can get a new cell phone (42 days).  My phone was just a basic model, whatever they were offering for free after rebates. It probably could do with being reset, but it seems too much hassle when I don't have much longer to wait. Honestly I've been cursing it for at least 6 months anyway. It's slow and very buggy lately.  Hoping I can get a good deal on a galaxy (probably a 4, not the 5).  I cannot wait!  The Black Friday sales (the S5 for $0.99) killed me!
  • We finally put up the Christmas tree YESTERDAY!  We are total slackers.  BUSY slackers.  The boys LOVE it and Tyler even decorated his room too.  Pictures to come!
I've been reading blogs, but I've been a bad commenter lately!  Hopefully the busiest time has passed for now!  I'm sure I have more bullet points, but I can't remember them, so that's it for now!