Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Excuse me while I brag

I am such a proud mommy!! Tyler had his first tests at school and he didn't miss one question!!! Math, spelling reading, and sight words, he got them all!  He's such a smart boy!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The State of the Fair

Shew, we are feeling the heat in the midwest!  Or maybe it's just because I'm coming off a weekend of yard sale and State Fair?  Well, it's hot, regardless.  We did a 3 day yard sale and then the very next day we spent the entire day at the State Fair.  I learned my lesson, we were almost too tired to enjoy the fair this time around.  My feet hurt after about an hour.  Still, we had a good time, especially the kids, at least until AJ's naptime came around, then he MELTED DOWN big time, so we called it quits.

I'm feeling short on words today, so I will default to pictures! :)

Pony Rides! (I want to crop myself right out of these pics)

AJ is excited for his turn.  Daddy is excited watching Tyler ride, I think.

Ach, he's so big!

He LOVED it!  Grinned and chattered the whole time!

AJ running, free of the stroller for a moment

Farmer Tyler--This tractor had a TV screen inside that simulated the view from a real tractor, so cool!

Goofing around at lunchtime

This was a remote controlled robot-thing.  AJ was terrified of it.

Another type of horse!

Tyler and Daddy take on the Ferris Wheel

AJ loved the train! Until it was over, anyway.

Monday, August 3, 2015

First Day of First Grade! And stuff

You guys, I have a First Grader!  How is that possible?  Tyler went back to school on Wednesday and he did great.  He was excited and full of news. I know he cried a few times, but that's just Tyler!

I got him dressed early Wednesday before work so I could take the obligatory First Day of school pictures.  He's so darn cute!!

Family photo!  Sorry it's blurry!

So big!

Notice Coconut the monkey hanging from his hand

#1 for First Grade!

Bye Gaga! (Don't worry, they aren't moving, therefore, no car seat)

Go Tyler!
Unfortunately, just like last year, he got sick by the end of the week! Friday night after school, my mom discovered he had a fever of 104.  Not good!  He spent a quiet weekend with a yo-yoing temp, but no other symptoms.  He finally has a normal temperature today, but the school says no school until he's been fever-free for 24 hours, so I had to keep him home.  Hopefully it's not a sign of a repeat of last year's absences!

Other updates:  Got our car back!  YAY!  It ended up costing us about $300 total, which considering our deductible was supposed to be $400, I'm saying it's a win!  They dealer was able to offer an appearance allowance for leaving some minor scratches and things.  We would have saved even more, but we opted to buy the insurance on our rental car, because we weren't feeling lucky.  Oh, and they fixed our broken wiper and we got a new battery too, since they said ours was going bad.  I'm ready to put it all behind me.

Last week was crummy.  I was tired and really busy at work and everything was just getting to me.  This week is shaping up better, although I'm not feeling great today, hope I'm not catching what Tyler had.

As always, thanks for reading, friends!   Here's one more pic of my boys!
*heart melts*