Things to Remember

Things I want to remember forever about my kids:

Tyler Nicholas (born 1/28/09)
  • The little noise he used to make after he sneezed when he was a tiny baby
  • The way he just vibrates when he's excited
  • How going outside to play can change any day into a good one
  • How he recreates You Tube videos of Thomas and Hot Wheels as he plays, complete with "voices"  I even used to call him the narrator, because he tends to talk to himself all the time when playing games and things.
  •  "Getcha-Getchas"
  • Coconut the stuffed monkey and his animal blanket are his favs, though they are usually accompanied by 3 or 4 other animals in rotation and his pillow with the Thomas pillow case that I sewed
  • He loves his red socks
  • He's my cuddle bug, my Tyler-man, my buddy.
  • Tells the most involved stories, remembers things with incredible detail and longevity!
  • Memorized basketball players when playing with Daddy's old cards and now has moved on to knowing the names of all of his hot wheels! 
  • Was speaking like an adult by about the age of two, but by six still calls pretzels "print-zels" and I'll destroy anyone that ever corrects him because it's so darn cute! 
  • Every night when he goes to be, I have to say, "I love you to the moon and back, forever and ever, no matter what!  Sweet Dreams."
  •  Such a sensitive, sweet little man!
"AJ" Alexander Jacob (born 10/12/12)
  • He lights up, especially when he sees Daddy or big brother
  • It's harder to get a smile or a laugh out of him, but so worth it
  • He doesn't look like me...until he totally does
  • He likes to beat on EVERYTHING
  • He loves to eat and will usually try just about anything
  • He adores his big brother and loves to play with him
  • He's stubborn!  He can't be bothered with things like learning to drink from a straw
  • How he laughs at "Big" Coconut, especially when you make monkey sounds
  • He holds his breath when you're changing his diaper or when he's fighting to keep from laughing out loud
  • He wouldn't sit up for the longest time, he seemed more likely to take off crawling or just WALKING!
  • Not really a cuddle bug!  Only when he's sleepy!
  • My little boogie, my buggie, my little man
  • He LOVES letters and numbers, he's constantly counting or reciting the alphabet
  • His favorite baby food was PRUNES! 
  •  Ready....Set....Go! (Tickle!)
  • Obsessions: Being tickled, ABC's, Numbers, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, playing with his toes
  • How at bedtime, he says"I Yuv You...In morning!" (I love you, see you in the morning)
  • "I want tickle!" ALL. THE. TIME.
Gabriel Wyatt (EDD 1/14/17, miscarriage discovered 6/28/16)
  • How he waved his little arms and nodded his head at our ultrasound.
  • How strong he was to hang on for so long.

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