My story (so far)

My story (so far):
I'm Melissa.  I'm a just a woman in her late 20's early 30's, married to my best friend!  I have two awesome little boys that are my reason for living!  In 2010-2011 I struggled with infertility while trying to conceive our second child and suffered an early miscarriage. In 2016 I had a miscarried our son Gabriel at 11 weeks due to subchorionic hemorrhage.  My struggle led me to connect with the amazing online community of women who struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss.  I was amazed at the support system I found and it's still a big part of my life, even now that I have beaten infertility.

My detailed story of struggling with infertility is chronicled here only in part. For a more detailed account of my story, check out my blog for Countdown To Pregnancy's website:

I co-wrote a book!  On the EDGE of My World will be published by Black Rose Writing in the summer of 2017!

I'm a working mom who loves her family and loves to write. My good friend and I are currently trying to publish our first novel. I also love to READ blogs, so you'll find a faithful follower in me!

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