My 100 Things

I saw this on several other blogs and I was bored one day, so I started jotting things down.  It took a long time to come up with 100!

1.  I love quoting TV shows and movies. It's been a pastime of my family for as long as I can remember.  Our favorites to quote are "Steel Magnolias" and the TV series "The West Wing".

2.  I'm a total "Mama's Girl".  I'm really close to my mom and I seek her advice and opinion over just about anyone else.

3. The first time my husband said "I love you" he didn't actually say it.  He wrote it on a card he bought me for our 2 month anniversary.  I pointed at him and asked if he meant it. Then he said it. :)

4.  I love to do all sorts of creative things.  I love singing, dancing, acting, writing, drawing, and I have tried my hand at dozens of different crafts.  The bottom line is I'm not great at any of them!  I would make a career out of any one of them if I was.

5.  I write on my blog as if hundreds of people will read it, when in reality I'm probably lucky if I have half a dozen readers.  But I love those six or so people!

6.  I have a pretty major sweet tooth.  It's favorite cures are chocolate cake with chocolate icing, rocky road or mint chocolate chip ice cream, and frozen cokes.

7.  I think I sound silly about 90% of the time, even when I'm trying desperately to sound professional or smart.

8.  I'm a picky eater and most of my pickiness stems from the texture of certain foods.  

9.  My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a white seal I named "Whiskers".  I still have him, although Tyler confiscated him awhile back.  He's not so white anymore.  My older sister always came into my room and hid him when I wasn't looking.  She still likes to do this when she sees him.

10.  I like to get my hands dirty.  I have helped change the oil on my car, replace spark plugs, and I've even spent some time on a creeper beneath a few trucks where I work.  I have no aptitude for mechanics, but it's interesting.

11.  I wasn't very sporty growing up.  I did cheerleading and kickball when I was in the 8th grade.  We lost every kickball game that year.  I was terrible at throwing and kicking, but I could catch pretty well.  When I was about 14 I started figure skating and fell in love with it.  I skated competitively for about 6 years and I still miss it.  

12. I have really terrible eyesight.  As mentioned in a previous post, I have a coloboma in my left eye and I am legally blind in that eye.  My right eye is just generally sucky.  I also lack depth perception and I can't really see in 3-D.

13.  I love to read, always have.  When I was young, it was stuff like "The Baby-Sitters Club" and later R.L. Stine.  Nowadays, I read lots of different stuff, but mostly romance novels and suspense.  I also loved the Harry Potter books and the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I still like to read old childhood favorites sometimes, like "The Giver" and "Number the Stars".

14. I love music.  I like just about everything, aside from Bluegrass and rap.  I also like Classical and I'm a complete nerd for Broadway Musicals.

15.  I cry really easily.  Sad, happy, frustrated, whatever.  I also usually join in if someone else is crying.  If I had a super power it would be empathy.

16.  When I was a senior in high school and everyone was going to Florida for spring break, I went to New York City and attended a theater workshop (incidentally it was held in one of the studios where a scene from "Center Stage" was filmed) and saw three shows on Broadway: Phantom of the Opera, Kiss Me Kate, and Les Miserables. It was epic. I didn't wish I was on a beach for one second.

17.  I go see plays and musicals as often as I can.  Here is an incomplete list of shows I have seen: "Les Miserables", "Rent", "Kiss Me Kate", "Phantom of the Opera", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Mame", "Wicked", "Grease", "1776", "West Side Story", "Evita", "Chicago", and "Little Shop of Horrors".

18. I was in a play in the 8th grade called "Hillbilly Weddin'".  I played Bonnie Mae Bellsnickle and we all spoke in southern accents for the better part of that year, driving our teacher nuts.  After that, I was hooked on theater and performing.  Throughout high school and college I took every drama class I could and was in these shows: "The Night of January 16th", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Where's Charley?", "The Crucible", and "Much Ado About Nothing". Mostly I had small parts or was in the chorus, but I got to be in a TON of scenes in "Joseph" and I played Ursula in "Much Ado". I'd love to do theater again someday. Maybe I'll be one of those middle aged community theater women LOL.

19. I have two different colored eyes.  One is brown and the other is green.  It's called heterochromia iridum.  I also have a cat that has one blue eye and one green.  I talk about it in the eye post I mentioned in #12.

20. The words moist and puke gak me out.

21. I have had six surgeries.  Two on my knee, tonsils, appendix, an exploratory laporoscopy, and my c-section. Seven if you count having my wisdom teeth removed.

22. Even though I have had surgery, the only stitches I've ever had that didn't dissolve on their own was a single one that held a drain in place after my appendectomy.  I did have staples in my knee after my second surgery on it though and they hurt like the devil to have removed.

23.  I have lots of scars.  Most are from surgery, but I also have one beneath my right eye from where my cat scratched me.  I have one on my right wrist that I don't know how I got.

24. I've only broken one bone, my left arm just before I started in the fourth grade. I didn't find out it was broken until 3 days after I hurt it.  I had a rainbow cast that my mother still has.

25.  When I was an infant I had a subdural hemotoma, or blood on the brain.  My pediatrician found it and drained it and it turned out to be no big deal, aside from scaring the daylights out of my mom.  It was most likely due to the fact that I was born second in a set of twins and was breech.

26. My ears are pierced in two places, but I never wear two sets of earrings. 

27.  I have almond shaped eyes and very long eyelashes.  They are my favorite feature.

28. Until my honeymoon in 2004, I had never seen the ocean.  It's still the only time I've ever seen it, or been to a "real" beach. (We went on a cruise to the Bahamas)

29. My husband and I got wicked sunburns while in the Bahamas.  We still had fun, but it did suck just a bit.

30. The furthest west I've ever travelled is St. Joseph, MO.  However, I just found out I'll be travelling to California in May!

31. I didn't fly in a plane until I was 23.  I've still only flown when travelling for work.

32. I get really nervous when I'm driving somewhere and I don't know exactly where I'm going.

33. I'm night blind.  My freaky eye doesn't adjust to light and dark, so really bright days leave me squinting and I can't get enough light into my eyes when driving at night.  I can do it, but I hate it.

34.  I once met Caroline Rhea in the Indianapolis International Airport.  She was on my flight.  I asked her to sign my boarding pass envelope and told her that it was the first time I met a celebrity and she said "Isn't it thrilling? I should be wearing more makeup."  She signed it "Best witches, Caroline Rhea".

35. I have never been to Disneyland or Disney World.  I vow to take my children when they are old enough to enjoy it and also enjoy the heck out of it myself.

36. We had a pool table at our house growing up.  I should be really good at pool, but I'm not.
37. I've played on three bowling leagues.  My handicap was a real asset.

38.  I love to watch the fashion recaps after big awards shows.

39.  At all times, I have at least 4 tubes of chapstick. One in my purse, one on my desk at work, one in my car, and one beside my bed.  

40. How am I going to come up with another 60 things about me? I'm not that interesting...let's see...when I was kid I used to love to find a quiet little place just for me.  Behind the bushes in our yard and the tiny little room in our basement were my favorites.

41. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 19 years old.  

42. I had my first car (Stardust) for a whole three months before the engine blew.  Three months later I bought my second car (Grace).  I'd owned her for three weeks before I rear ended someone. Luckily she survived for several years before succumbing to transmission failure after I'd sold her to Twin.

43. I was kind of the community cat lady growing up.  If there was a hungry cat in my neighborhood, I fed it.  I adopted two cats that way.  The first, Binks (Named for the cat in "Hocus Pocus") was my favorite cat ever.  I could go outside and yell his name and he'd come running, no matter where he was.  Sometimes he would show up soaking wet from the rain because he liked me to dry him off.  He finally disappeared one day and never came back. I even put up posters. The second adopted kitty was Autumn, who showed up on our porch and turned out to be pregnant with four kittens. We ended up keeping them all and we still have two of them. They are now 12.5 years old.

44. I have a freckle on my left pointer finger.  My husband has one too.

45.  My fingernails are super weak and usually quite short.  The only time I have a decent manicure is while I am pregnant.  If I was rich I would have acrylics all the time.

46. I am terrible at maintaining a hairstyle. I'm lucky if I get around to getting a haircut twice a year. My hair is almost always in a ponytail.

47.  I had the chicken pox when I was 22 years old. It sucked.

48.  I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time because I swore if they only did two at a time I wouldn't come back to do the other two. I had two pulled and two cut out and ended up with dry socket in the bottom two. It also sucked.

49.  I have something of a fascination with medical shows--real life and fictional.  I watched a TON of ER as a kid.

50. Halfway there?! I find cemeteries fascinating, but I'm a total stickler about respect while in them.  I try super hard not to "step" on anyone.

51. I've worn glasses since I was a toddler, about 18 months old.

52.   I am left "thumbed".  That means my left thumb is on top when I fold my hands.  Try it.

53.  I love shopping. Old Navy and Kohl's are my favorite places that I can afford.

54.  I briefly studied interior design in college.

55.  We have a collection of "dead people stuff" at my house.  It includes keepsakes we've been given by relatives and friends that have died or things we received after they died. I also keep a handkerchief of my aunt's and a bandana of my grandfather's in my bedside table.

56.  My maternal grandfather and Adam's paternal grandfather passed away within a month of each other the winter before we got married. On our wedding day we had two roses in a vase on a table the represented the two people that didn't make it there.

57.  I am double jointed and used to be very flexible.  When I was a kid, instead of sitting "Indian style", I would sit with my feet pointed out, one foot by each hip, sort of like an  "M".

58. If my feet are cold, the rest of me is too.  Likewise, if my feet are hot, the easiest way to cool off is to take off my shoes and socks.

59. I love high heels. They don't love me though, or I'd wear them all the time.

60. I love to sing really loudly.  Sometimes my sister and I go for drives just so we can sing.

61.  I love movies.  Some of my favorites are: "The Devil Wears Prada", "Jumping Jack Flash", "Pitch Perfect", "Baby Mama", "The American President", "Soul Surfer", and "The Princess Bride".

62. In kindergarten, my favorite thing to do was play in the play kitchen.

63. My favorite color is purple.

64.  I like writing poetry, even though it's mostly crap.

65.  I can't sight-read music, even though I was in band and choir for years.

66.  I love watching figure skating and gymnastics on TV.  I was particularly obsessed with the 1996 and 1998 Olympics--1996 the Women's gymnastics team won Gold and in 1998 American figure skater Tara Lipinski won gold.

67.  I like "sad" stories.  Of course I want them to have a happy ending, but I'm a sucker for a tear jerker.

68.  I love reading other people's blogs.  If you leave me a comment, I will read your blog and most likely become a faithful follower!

69.  I have a tattoo.  It's a butterfly and it's on my right hip.  I wasn't that happy with how it turned out, but I do like what it symbolizes for me, a reminder to find the freedom to be myself.

70.  I went to my senior prom with a freshman boy.  He was my only guy friend.  We had fun. My dress looked like Kate Winslet's from Titanic, the one she wore when she tried to jump off of the boat. I paid $15 for it at a going out of business sale.

71.  I love a bargain.  My all-time favorite pair of tennis shoes are a pair of Nike Shox (my only pair of Nikes EVER) that I got on Ebay for $25.  I need another pair of these exact shoes BADLY!

72.  The pinky toe nail on my right foot is split.  It's been that way since I was a teenager.

73. I used to write my mom little notes before I went to bed when she was working nights. I have no idea what I wrote.

74.  When I was in school I was excused from taking tests on scan-tron sheets.  With my messed up eyesight I would put the answers on the wrong rows.

75. Taking a typing class in high school was totally worth it. I hated it at the time, but it was really invaluable.

76.  I took two years of French in high school and then an additional three years in college.  I even minored in it.  I am not, however, in any way fluent.

77.  I want to learn sign language. I know the alphabet and a few words.

78.  I loved Halloween as a kid.  We always trick-or-treated in my Grandparents neighborhood but my mom didn't trust the candy so we always got to eat what she bought.  I remember dressing as a ballerina, a princess, and a clown.

79.  I love flare and boot cut jeans and I hope they NEVER go out of style.

80.  I won a prize at a hobby show for my collection of tiny porcelain animals that my mom helped me lay out in a self-constructed zoo.  It was super cool.

81. I also won a medal at a statewide singing competition. Almost everyone one the medal, but my score sheet actually had me marked to compete for the top award.  Unfortunately, the judge found out that she could only vote for one person to get that honor, and she'd already chosen one. I was still proud of that though.

82. I competed in figure skating for several years before I got a medal and I was delirious with joy when I finally did. Later on I found a lot more success in competing with other adults instead of bitsy little 6 and 8 year olds.  I still have a small collection of trophies and medals I won and I'm quite proud of them.

83.  I love the sound of soft rain or water running.  

84.  Hubby and I have promised each other that we will go to Hawaii someday.  We originally wanted to go for our 10 year anniversary, but that's getting pretty close and our kids are still very young, so we'll probably shoot more toward 15 years or so.

85.  Someday I want to visit France, England, Ireland, and Australia. 

86.  When we were kids and my mom was working nights, sometimes my dad would get out his laser tag-type toys and we'd turn off all the lights in the house and play. We'd also have some pretty wicked water gun and water balloon fights in the summer.

87. Twin and I are not identical.  In fact, we aren't even the same age.  As I mentioned in this post, while I am 3 minutes younger, she was actually conceived two three weeks after me.  My mother ovulated twice in one month and since the first egg hadn't implanted yet, she conceived twice and both managed to implant, resulting in fraternal twin--US!

88. My least favorite subject in school was math.  Ironically, I now work in a semi-accounting role, basically doing math all day.

89. I love sleeping with the windows open.  The fresh air and sound helps me sleep.  It's not something I get to do a whole lot in Indiana, though!  

90. I've lived literally right next door to a major interstate nearly all of my life. The home I grew up in (from age 3-21), my first apartment (1 year) and our current home (5 years) were all right next to the highway.  And no, the noise never bothers me.

91. Before I met my husband, I only had four other real "boyfriends".  I went out a few times with a couple of other guys, but I only had four others that used the actual title.  Only one of those qualified as a "serious" relationship.

92. The guy from the "serious" relationship ended up being one of Adam's groomsmen.  We're still friends and when one of Adam's friend's had to bow out at the last minute, he stepped in to keep the numbers even. It wasn't weird at all.

93. Adam and I met on a blind date.  I talk about it a bit in this post. We were set up by one of my best friends from high school and his best friend from high school, who were dating and are now married.  I knew I was being set up, but they didn't tell him until they went to pick him up and realized they were going to have to spill the beans or he wouldn't spiff himself up for the date.  We all met up at a bowling alley and then went out to eat.  Adam and I hit it off right away and ten years later, here we are!

94. My oldest sister died as a baby. She was born with cancer and only lived to be five months old.  I've always known about her and even though she died before I was born, she's an important part of my life.  Tyler even knows about his Aunt Nicky and he comes with us to the cemetery on her birthday and likes to put out flowers.  Remembering her is very important to our family.

95. Five more...come on think...Ellipses are my favorite form of punctuation.

96. I think clowns are creepy. 

97. My wardrobe consists mostly of shirts that are blue, purple, or pink. I just naturally gravitate to those colors.  

98. On our first official date, my husband and I went out to dinner, went putt putt golfing, and saw the movie "Mr. Deeds".  A year later we recreated that date, eating at the same restaurant and watching the same movie, although on DVD instead of at the theater.

99.  Wow the last five are hard...I'm a total "fixer". When I or someone I know has a problem I want to fix it right away.  I hate having stuff hanging over my head, I want solutions asap.  I never stay in a fight with anyone for long, because that kind of outstanding conflict makes me absolutely crazy.

100. I am always a little surprised when people find something I say funny. It sort of makes my day.

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