Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kindergarten Grad!

I just realized I didn't blog about Tyler's last day of school!  I can't believe he's done with kindergarten already!!!

On the last day of school, they had an awards presentation for each group (the groups are a couple classes from each grade, I think K-3).  When I heard about it, I hemmed and hawed over if I should try to go or not. Obviously I wanted to, but it means taking time off work and it happened to fall on the 28th, which was the second-to-last day of the month, where I have to perform tasks that will allow me to invoice the jobs the next day.  It meant that I'd have to ask for someone else to cover for me, performing the transactions for the afternoon.

In the end, I talked it over with my boss and got it covered so I could leave early.  Adam look a late lunch and drove me home to get the van and drive over to the school.  I ended up being very glad I went!  When the parents filed into the gym and Tyler spotted me, he was so excited!  I could see him pointing me out to his friends.  I could tell it meant a lot to him that I'd come.  The parents sat in the bleachers while the kids sat in chairs on the floor, so I sat with a couple of his classmate's parents, which was nice. 

There he is, right in the middle, looking back at me and grinning like a goofball!

Each class gave out awards for perfect and near-perfect attendance and also two awards for what they called "Super Top Dog".  The school's mascot is a Bulldog, and as I've blogged about before, they give out a weekly "Top Dog" award, so this is kind of a TOP top dog award for the year.  I was surprised and THRILLED when they announced that Tyler had won Super Top Dog for his class!!  They also give out awards for each "specials" class (their word for PE, Art, Music, and Spanish) and Tyler won awards for Music and Spanish too!  He got to shake hands with the principal and stand up with the other winners while everyone applauded.  I was so proud of him!

Shaking hands with the principal as Super Top Dog!

After the awards were over, it was almost time for dismissal, so parents were allowed to go to their child's classroom and sign them out early.  When I got to Tyler's room, we collected his things and I wanted to get a quick picture with his teachers, so I asked him to give them a hug and tell them goodbye and wouldn't you know it, he burst into tears!  He said he was going to miss them!  He's my sweet sensitive little guy!  I reminded him that he'd see them again next year around the school.  I told his teacher, we started the year with tears and I guess we needed to end it that way too!  He did give them hugs and we headed out.  He cheered up pretty quickly as we chased down one of his little friends in the parking lot for a hug and promises of a playdate.

With Mrs. M, who is just the BEST, and teary eyes!

We headed home, stopping off for a celebratory Icee (he reminded me we'd gotten one on the first day of school so it was fitting to get one on the last day too).  When we got home, I took some last day of school pictures in the front yard.  We didn't plan it, but he actually wore the same shirt on the first and last days!  It's funny to see the photos side by side!

Getting so big!!!

He's my Super Top Dog!

Selfie action with Mommy!

All in all, Tyler did an amazing job this year and he learned so much, it really amazes me!  First Grade, here we come!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Pic of the Week: Tenacity

I need to do a pic of the week more often!  Yesterday, I was walking through our back lot at work and I spotted this little flower (I'm sure it's really a weed, but I think it's pretty) growing in the middle of all that gravel.  It's a highly traveled area too, both foot traffic and vehicles, heck the area was also marred by the moving around of a track vehicle in that area.  Yet here is this little tiny thing, growing in spite of it all.  It just struck me.

Funny aside:  I got my phone out to take this picture and the glare of the sun was so bad I was just pointing and shooting and I realized the first picture was taking with the front camera.  I got a great shot of me making my stupid concentrating face.  That one got deleted!