Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Survey

Thanksgiving Survey

My laziness knows no bounds. Hell with it.

How intensely do you celebrate Thanksgiving, on a 1-10 scale?
Well we have been pretty low key the last few years and even more so this year, but we kick it in the food department, so i guess an 8?

1. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?
eating all day without feeling bad about it

2. Do you eat Turkey? What foods are on your table every year?
Actually, no, I don't. It's a texture thing. I've never liked it. I concentrate on the veggies, rolls, mashed potatoes and of course pumpkin pie

3. What are your Thanksgiving traditions, is there something you do every year?
Dinner somewhere. This year it's here. My immediate family usually spends the day together, watching a movie, helping with the meal, etc.

4. Do you watch the Macy's Day Parade?
not really

5. What are you thankful for?
My family and friends, my pets, Adam, my "health", my job I don't hate, and my new house etc.

6. Do you go shopping on Black Friday -the next day?
I tried last year. crowds make me crazy. I'd venture out if there was something I had to have, but usually I steer clear. I'll have to do that enough once I have kids that want the toy of the year.

7. Do you celebrate Buy Nothing Day?

8. Do you watch football at home?
Not really, but the Colts are playing tonight, so Adam will have it one.

9. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving Memory?
Nothing specific. Mostly going to my grandparents. It was always the same, a good meal, playing with my cousins (I remember a lot of glasses fogging up cause we went in and out of the cold), someone getting in a fight with someone, that kind of thing

10. It's not Thanksgiving without...

11. What will be different about this Thanksgiving?
It's the first year since my parents divorce. That'll be really different.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Scary Survey

Scariest Survey EVER

Would you rather...

1.) Be able to comsume fatty foods without gaining weight OR be able to have unprotected sex without getting sexual diseases?

Ew. BLTs not STDs.

2.) Be able to communicate with animals, but only the nerds OR be able to read people's minds but only when they are thinking about aluminum siding topics and issues?

Easy. Animals. I've always been considered a nerd.

3.) Have a knack for model train set-ups but have an irresistible urge to punch people named Mildred in the breast and thighs OR be able to make anything shiny but be unable to refrain from making the tug boat gesture and sound any time an overweight person enters a room?

Number one, since I don’t know anyone named Mildred, and if I did, they might deserve it.--WORD

4.) During sex, be able to read the mind of the person you are having sex with OR be able to hit you or your partner's G-spot by finding Waldo in a Where's Waldo book? (each page used only once)

The mind reading thing encompasses both, n'est pas? Sorry I'm on a french kick. Use it or lose it. It means, "Is is not?"

5.)Every hour on the hour, change which gender you are attracted to OR turn your sexual partner into Tony Danza when you climax, and then turn them back to themselves the next time you have sex with them?

I'm not that okay with either one, since I happen to be straight. However, I'm fine with alternative lifestyles and not so fine with creppy old guys, so we'll go with A.

6.)Have your mom have to put on your condom like she was dressing you as a child OR never be able to call your spouse by the same name twice?

MMkkay Mom and condom should never appear in the same sentence, so I have no choice but to go with B.

7.)Have to use condoms that come in a wrapper where you have to finish the crossword puzzle before it can be opened OR be unable to shake the image of Meadowlark Lemon during all sexual congress?

The puzzle would be part of the fun! Plus, I'm married. I technically don't have to use a condom. And, there are other forms of bc if I got tired of puzzles

8.) Never be able to experience orgasm OR perpetually experience orgasm?

B hands down.

9.) Attract swarms of fireflies when aroused OR have the sound of microphone feedback intermittently emanating from your crotch?

LMAO, I can't say it better, twin: Feedback from my crotch would be hilarious.

10.) Your penis/breasts increase in size by 10 percent each year OR decrease in size by 2 percent each year?

Crap that's hard. I would hate to be bigger chested, but Adam's a boob man. I guess B, since it's only 2% a year. He'd get to enjoy them until they started sagging anyways.

11.) Vicariously experience all orgasms that occur in your zip code OR during sex, have the Microsoft paper clip help icon appear with sex tips?

MS Help blows but I have to work sometime Option B.

12.) Have Bettie Davis eyes OR Charles Manson eyes?

Ew A.

13.) Be able to simulate the voice of anybody you meet OR simulate the hair?

I could make serious bank by simulating voices. I’ll take it. AGAIN I SAY WORD!

14.) Be able to achieve orgasm at will OR be able to make anyone other than yourself achieve orgasm at your will?

Others, how cool would that be? "Ding! You can thank me later." This was the last person’s answer, but I couldn’t change it. Perfect. I will have to second that earlier response. Although I was going to be totally selfish.

15.) Have taste buds all over your body OR have a malleable stress-ball head?

Stress ball head. I love those things!!!

16.)Have an ever-changing tattoo that takes the form of whatever image you will it be OR be able to psychically see anybody's internet browser history when looking at them?

Changing tattoo would rock!

17.) Have Gatorade saliva OR be able to murmur fluently in twelve languages?

me no likey gatorade. Beaucoup de culture!!!

18.) Be able to insist on paying for the check but never actually get stuck with it OR know exactly what the person on the other end of the phone looks like simply by hearing their voice?

The first one. :)

19.) Slide naked down a fire man's pole covered with tacks into a pool of scotch OR cheese-grate the skin off your left forearm

The second, but I’m weeping for either.

20.) Chew a used condom as gum for an hour OR have all your pubic hairs become ingrown? GAH!!! I think i have to say...oh crap man. B I guess but GAWD!

21.) Sleep a night on a bed of peanut butter OR next to a humidifier full of urine?

Peanut butter. What sick bastard wrote this survey.

22.) Have invisible skin OR see in strobe light?

See in strobe light. Then I could just gouge my eyes out. --Word. The only option.

23.) Have an intense urge to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of bus drivers as you pay your fare OR have parents who affectionately refer to you as "anal cakes"? Ew. I'm walking. A.

24.) Have permanent Cheetoh residue on your fingertips OR appear as Shemp of the three stooges in all photographs?
Cheetoh residue, as long as it didn’t get on my clothes or others. AGREED

25.) Have commercial interruptions during masturbation fantasies OR have to masturbate with the mandatory use of a Sesame Street's Elmo hand puppet?

It would be A, because I refuse to violate my childhood. AGAIN, I must concur.

Would your rather your only porn be......
1.) 6 second clips of hot people OR 2 minute clips of moderately attractive people? 2 minutes. I can’t get anything done in 6 seconds.
2.) Verbose, subtle erotic fiction OR pornographic Magic Eye 3D pictures? The first one. (Am I really going to post this in my blog?!)
3.) Animal Nature documentaries OR suggestive cloud formations? Cloud formations are much more fun.
4.) Geometric shapes OR family reunion pictures? SHAPES. No family EVER.
Again, I can't do better than this.

Would you rather live in a world....
1.) Where women were given equal pay, opportunity, and access to jobs OR where men experience the pains of the birth process along with women?

That's so hard. Can't I have B, just for one day??? My wallet says A.

2.) Where there was a rapper-like East Coast/West Coast feud of mimes OR where the pledge of allegiance was changed to the lyrics to "Eye of the Tiger"?

Stupid. A.

3.) Where Teletubbies were a common species of creature that lived in the wild OR where there were evil, bizzaro arch-enemy versions of ourselves?

I think Teletubbies scare me more than enemy-types.

4.) Where the convention of singing "Happy Birthday" was replaced with "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive OR where congressional debate was settled by dodgeball contests?

Dodgeball! Helltotheyeah!!

5.) Without skin moisturizer OR without cream cheese?

Cream cheese. I have really dry skin.

(Guys) Would you rather have sex with....
1.) Hillary Clinton OR Natalie from Facts of Life? (This doesn’t apply to me, but Natalie. At least she was my age-ish.)
2.) Jessica Rabbit OR Daphne from Scooby Doo? (Duh, Jessica Rabbit.)
3.) Venus Williams OR Sheryl Crow if she spoke in the voice of an old Jewish man? (Sheryl Crow, I’d tape her mouth shut.) WoRD

Ladies...Would you rather have sex with...
1.) Bryant Gumble OR Weird Al Yankovic?

Bryant Gumble. Al might creep me out in that sitch.

2.) Alex Trebec OR Larry David?

That's sad. I don't know who Larry David is.

3.) Johnny Depp without a leg OR Tom Selleck without a moustache?

DUH Johnny's a hottie with a body, legs or no legs.

Immoral Dilemmas
1.) You are walking down the street and see an open briefcase with $1,000 in it. Across the street there is a police station. Do you spend it on whores or crack?

Stupid. I want neither drugs nor whores.

2.) You're driving at night and hit a dog. No one witnesses you hitting the dog. Do you bake or broil it?

This section sucks. I would cry

3.) You're waiting at a red light at 4 am. There isn't a car in sight. No one would see if you ran the light. Do you masturbate with your left or right hand?

Wha?! Wait ‘til I got home, Mr. Icky Survey! (ROTFLMAO I can't change that.)

Oh I need a shower after that. So sorry, but it was long so I can't not post it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quelle heure et-il?

Yeah showing off my mad French skills there. Translation: What time is it?

Answer: I have no fricken clue.

So I'm in Missouri, which is like an hour off Indy. Or something. See, Daylight savings time is a new thing in Indy. I don't know why I'm explaining this, seeing as my sis is the only one that really reads this and she lives there too. But anyways. Indy never changed clocks until last year. Then this year, they decided to wait and change the clocks later in the year than the rest of the country. So they changed last Saturday. So now I don't know what time it is.

It's...well I think it's 5:30 here. See, my alarm clock at the hotel says that. My computer says 6;30. My cell phone says 5:30. And my rental car says 6:30.

I hate time.

Je detest l'heure.

Joseph, how can we ever say...

Yeah that song's gonna be in my head now. Random fact about me: I still no every word to the score from "Joseph". I was doing a puzzle the other day where you had to name colors starting or ending with a particular letter and I sang the coat song to come up with them.

So back to my point. I'm in St. Joseph, MO for work. Training that I don't need but whatever. My company likes to waste money sending us places and since they were the reason for my first airplane flight last year, I won't complain too much. But I will complain a little:

Dear Company I work for,
Why are you spending the money to send me here, but not ponying up the extra dough to give us laptops to use. You do realize that this will put us in a big pile of dog doo when we get back? I can't get anything done because you also put our email on server that you can't get from the public internet. I shall be cursing you on friday when I get back and have 500 emails.

Thanks for being cheap and wasteful, all at the same time.
Your disgruntled (but not too much, don't fire me) employee

And who knew that Missouri had this many hills?

Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm alive, heres a survey

Surveys aren't cheating, right?

Current Book: My own, actually. I'm writing a pseudo novel thingy that I'm obsessed with
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: talking in a baby voice. Cause well, i just do.
Current Favorite Colors: Red which I rarely wear, but suddenly like, and the colors of the leaves outside.
Current Fetish: sex au natural. Sorry, new discover for me.
Current Favorite Food: cherry sourballs. Addicting
Current Favorite Drink: Tea. Makes my tummy happy
Current Link: I can’t help it, it cracks me up.
Current Favorite Outfit: I got a really cute skirt and some black boots recently. Plus a purply top. I haven't even worn it out.
Current Fragrance: that new pomegranate stuff from bbw
Current Wish-List: baby, money, jewelry
Current Favorite Film: Shakespere in love is the first thing that comes to mind, cause it was on last night
Current Music: “Teardrops on my guitar”
Current Anticipation: stupid trip to MO next week
Current Triumph: got through this week
Current Bane(s) of My Existence: annoying sales guy at work that can't do anything by the rules
Current Celebrity Crush: Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger
Current Indulgence: Halloween candy
Current #1 Blessings: my hubby my family, my friends and my pets
Current Mood: Sleepy.
Current Weather: Cool and clear. Love me some autumn.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Now I'm depressed.

Ok, what is it about me that I know I shouldn't do something and I do it anyways?

I saw the description for Animal Planet's "Meercat Manor" and I knew I shouldn't watch it. It said that it was the "End of an Era". So what do I do? I watch it. And I bawl. Nature sucks. The head of the family, Flower got bit by a snake trying to save her pups and she died.

I'm so depressed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rip off!

Adam and I wanted one last "date" before we have to save money like crazy. So we decided to go see the latest Harry Potter movie again, which was playing at an IMAX 3-D theatre. After getting there and paying a ridiculous $12.50 each we headed for the theatre. The guy that was handing out the glasses then proceeds to tell us that only 20 minutes of the movie is showing in 3-D. Can you say rip off!? $25 for 20 minutes of 3-D??? I mean, it was cool and I liked seeing the movie again, but please, that is just wrong!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cat Attack

So we're all moved. It was so fricken hot. But it's over thank god. And it went off without too many problems. Except one.

The Cats.

In addition to my three cats, Dobby, Tippy, and Dot, my mom's three cats (Who happen to be Dot's siblings) Tigger, Salem, and Little Bit were going to join us, bring us to a total of 6 cats and 1 dog. My moms cats do not like to move. They have done this several times now. Someone always ends up getting hurt. I have scars from a few years ago from trying to catch Salem. My mom usually has a melt down about her babies, so she was sent to the car while my sister, Adam, and I tried to round them up and trap them in over-sized Tupperware with holes cut out. We caught Tigger first, mostly because he can't move too fast cause he's huge. Of course, we had to put my mom's toolbox on top of the box to prevent him from popping back out. We put him in the car and went back in for round two. Several failed attempts later we caught Salem. Michelle got some nasty scratches on her hands thanks to her. Finally we went after Little Bit. By then, we'd refined our tactics: Michelle and Adam would corner the cat, Adam would grab the scruff of thier neck with one hand and hold them down with the other hand. At this point they give up and Michelle grabs the box and I put the lid on.

After a loud and stressful 10 minute car ride, we carried the cats into the new house and let them out of their boxes in my mom's room. We still had a few things to get from my sister's apartment, so we left them to get acclimated. When we came back after an hour or so, Tigger was in mom's closet, sitting on top of Salem--literally. But Little Bit was missing. At first we didn't worry, we figured she was off exploring. But we all started worrying when night came and we still hadn't seen her. Eventually we opened the linen closet and there she was. There's an access hole in that closet for turning off the water and it also, it seems gives access to the ceiling above the basement. So she'd be in there the whole time. WE'd checked it, but she was out of sight. My mom was hugging her and scolding her and the cats giving her this look like, "What? I knew where I was the whole time."

I'm never moving again.


OH MY GOD! I love this website. It's call They have a whole language for animals that is just awesome! Here is just a taste cause I'm bored and it makes me laugh.
















ikea cat - some assembly required

ya hafsta feel the burn




i is not a �mallow







ur perception



your crotch


monorail cat

kitty loaf


i hate everything



bunny cookie

see forever

upgraded ram

made you a cookie

invisible 3 pointer ... nothin but net

i sense danger

headcat is just a head

oh hi i upgraded your ram

im in ur bowl eatn ur ramen

box kitten is amused!

gravity at work


invisible sandwich

invisible bike





surprise buttsecks


Stinkfoot kills kitty dead!

invisible swimming pool





i have bad day

worst turn signal ever