Friday, August 24, 2007

Cat Attack

So we're all moved. It was so fricken hot. But it's over thank god. And it went off without too many problems. Except one.

The Cats.

In addition to my three cats, Dobby, Tippy, and Dot, my mom's three cats (Who happen to be Dot's siblings) Tigger, Salem, and Little Bit were going to join us, bring us to a total of 6 cats and 1 dog. My moms cats do not like to move. They have done this several times now. Someone always ends up getting hurt. I have scars from a few years ago from trying to catch Salem. My mom usually has a melt down about her babies, so she was sent to the car while my sister, Adam, and I tried to round them up and trap them in over-sized Tupperware with holes cut out. We caught Tigger first, mostly because he can't move too fast cause he's huge. Of course, we had to put my mom's toolbox on top of the box to prevent him from popping back out. We put him in the car and went back in for round two. Several failed attempts later we caught Salem. Michelle got some nasty scratches on her hands thanks to her. Finally we went after Little Bit. By then, we'd refined our tactics: Michelle and Adam would corner the cat, Adam would grab the scruff of thier neck with one hand and hold them down with the other hand. At this point they give up and Michelle grabs the box and I put the lid on.

After a loud and stressful 10 minute car ride, we carried the cats into the new house and let them out of their boxes in my mom's room. We still had a few things to get from my sister's apartment, so we left them to get acclimated. When we came back after an hour or so, Tigger was in mom's closet, sitting on top of Salem--literally. But Little Bit was missing. At first we didn't worry, we figured she was off exploring. But we all started worrying when night came and we still hadn't seen her. Eventually we opened the linen closet and there she was. There's an access hole in that closet for turning off the water and it also, it seems gives access to the ceiling above the basement. So she'd be in there the whole time. WE'd checked it, but she was out of sight. My mom was hugging her and scolding her and the cats giving her this look like, "What? I knew where I was the whole time."

I'm never moving again.

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notanillusion said...

Cats are awesome, and yet still evil.