Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Joseph, how can we ever say...

Yeah that song's gonna be in my head now. Random fact about me: I still no every word to the score from "Joseph". I was doing a puzzle the other day where you had to name colors starting or ending with a particular letter and I sang the coat song to come up with them.

So back to my point. I'm in St. Joseph, MO for work. Training that I don't need but whatever. My company likes to waste money sending us places and since they were the reason for my first airplane flight last year, I won't complain too much. But I will complain a little:

Dear Company I work for,
Why are you spending the money to send me here, but not ponying up the extra dough to give us laptops to use. You do realize that this will put us in a big pile of dog doo when we get back? I can't get anything done because you also put our email on server that you can't get from the public internet. I shall be cursing you on friday when I get back and have 500 emails.

Thanks for being cheap and wasteful, all at the same time.
Your disgruntled (but not too much, don't fire me) employee

And who knew that Missouri had this many hills?


notanillusion said...

Did you at least get to drive a nifty car?

might be an illusion said...

Not even close. A minivan. My car is so much more nifty