Friday, February 7, 2014


If you understand that title you win a prize!  And your prize is (most likely) a TON of that cold white stuff!

As most of the country is painfully aware, we've been getting a lot of snow this year.  Like A LOT.  This week was no exception and we got over 7 inches Tuesday-Wednesday.  It started snowing about 2:00 pm on Tuesday while I was at work.  At first it was just flurries, but about five minutes later it was seriously snowing.  My boss told us we could leave at 4.  Adam and I carpool, so I let him know and asked him if he could leave early too.  He agreed (sort of) but didn't come out of his office until 4:45 pm.  We headed home. Visibility was pretty bad and roads were definitely icing up.  Half way home, in an area called the South Split (Dead Man's Mile is what I'm going to call it--a few years ago we hit some sort of trailer hitch that was bouncing down the road and tore the oil pan on our Vibe apart.  Seriously, the exact same stretch of highway), BUMP!  Yep. We got rear ended.

So that was fun.  Luckily, it doesn't look like we have any real damage.  We haven't examined it really carefully, because it is SNOWY and COLD.  But we got the driver's info, so I guess if we need it, we can use it.  We finally got home and I slipped (didn't fall, just slipped) and pulled a whole bunch of muscles in my back. Boy was I glad to get home and stay there!

As for the rest of the week, AJ caught my awful cold and is pitifully miserable.  Adam installed flooring at his mom's house Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Wednesday I put on a movie (Tangled--seriously probably my all time favorite animated movie) and the kids and I hung out and had leftover pizza.  AJ fell asleep just before 8 so I was able to put him down and get Tyler off to bed and I even got my workout in!  Success!  I'm back on track and I've unofficially dropped a little bit--SO CLOSE to 40 lbs down!!

Last night we had another Mommy Movie night and watched the Croods.  The kids were a little rough, AJ really wasn't feeling good and Tyler refused his dinner, but we got through the evening.  Neither of them slept well though UGH!

I also found out I'm going to be traveling to Birmingham in April for work. I've been once before, with the whole group of people that do my job across the company, but this time it's just me and one other girl with a group at the corporate office.  I'll definitely need to get some clothes that fit better before that trip!  I'm actually considering buying my first pair of SKINNY JEANS!  I love how they look with knee high boots, so I just might treat myself!  We'll see!

Stay warm peeps!  (I know, I know, impossible in this weather...Snowmaggedon out there!)

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