Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creativity run amok!

Ok really I'm starting this because I read my twin sister's and it was frankly, awesome. I don't know if I'm as witty or can come up with really anything that someone might want to read, but we'll see. Or I will, anyways and anyone who may stumble upon it.

For today, here are some awesome sites to visit when you are bored:
Awesomely cutalicious pictures of animals of all kinds. And adorable captions to go with them.
Hilarious recaps and pic on everything Project Runway, one of my guilty pleasures
Recaps with sarcasm!
Awesomely entertaining blogs of randomness

Yeah I have a lot of time on my hands...or I did, before my work cracked down on their internet policy. :-P

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notanillusion said...

You can put those in your side bar. I can show you. :)