Friday, October 30, 2009

So...Halloween Edition

So I'm back...again...some more. Been a little busy for the last little while. Tyler is 9 months old and a great big time suck of awesomeness. He's so much more fun now that colic is over and he can (and chooses to) amuse himself sometimes. See cuteness:

And I've decided I still like blogging. I just wish I could get people to do you do that?

So here goes.

Today at work we had the option of wearing Halloween costumes. I love stuff like that. I like to dress up in costume. I don't know why, really. Maybe it has to do with my background in theater. Maybe it's an attention thing, whatever. It's fun. I loved it in grade school, during Spirit week. We'd have a Red, White, and Blue day (Go Rebels!), a "Come as you are" PJ day. There was funny hat day and hippie day. I loved it all. Pj day was especially awesome from a comfort standpoint.

So anyway, today. I did a quick poll at work to make sure I wouldn't be the only person participating. I'm a bit of a follower that way. Assured that at least a few people were dressing up too, I scoured my house looking for my costume. I decided to resurrect a costume I used as a skating costume years ago. My aunt made it for a routine I did to "Reflections" from the Disney Movie, Mulan. It's a short kimono robe, black with red roses. I knew where it was, because I've used it as a robe on occasion. But I also had a gold obi belt. And I wasn't 100% sure I knew where that was. Well, I knew it was with my skating costumes, but I wasn't sure where they were either. So I looked in our shed, but I didn't see the container I thought it was in. I looked in our garage. I looked in our attic. I ended up back in our shed, where with the help of my mom and sister, we basically emptied it out.

On a side note, when we opened the shed doors, we found a wooly worm. In case you don't know, they look like this:

Cute right? I thought so. So we scoured the shed and finally found the box we needed. All the way in the back, the very last box in the shed.

And it was COVERED in ladybugs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of bugs, really. If they can bite or sting me, I don't like 'em and I might get a little twitch if one buzzes my ear or something. Also if they bite or sting and try to touch me, I kill them. But if they are docile buggies, I simply ignore them. If they find themselves trapped in my house, I scoop them into a cup or something and put them outside. I've recently done this with three or four ladybugs that have shown up in my bed (the hell?). But a hundred or so bug of any kind freaks my shit out, mmkay? So I'm getting all gacked out and using one of those gopher claw things to remove each item from the box one by one. Finally found the sash and after a few shrieks from stray bugs crawling up my leg and a lot of itching that made me feel like they were crawling on me, we repacked the shed and headed out. But Mr. Wool E. Wurm was still hanging out on the inside of the door, but now he's moseyed his way to the very top, where if I had closed the door, I'd squish him. Mr. Wurm was cute and fuzzy and let me pet his back, so I didn't want to squish him. So here we were, three grown women in a dark yard, with flashlights, trying to convince a worm to go on his merry way so we could close the door. And it was starting to rain. Eventually, our cajoling caused him to fall off the door. Then he curled into a ball and did the roly-poly thing. So we left him alone.

Fun times. And you know what? I went looking for that worm today. He's gone of course, but I looked just the same.


notanillusion said...

I love it! Except I'm a giant pansy and in no way would have touched that bug. But now I kind of want to see one.

notanillusion said...

Oh, also, those bugs may not have been ladybugs. There's a real asshole version of beetle that bites and looks just like them but a little orange-ish. They're bastards.