Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's the word

So yesterday was Mother's Day. It's a happy day for me, ultimately, as I am Mommy to a wonderful adorable little boy that I lovelovelove to pieces!  And it was an improvement over last year. This year Tyler just had a nasty cold thing I had last week.  Last year he spent the day throwing up on me.  Strawberry flavored vomit *shudder*  He was totally into talking about how it was Mother's Day AND Gaga (my mom)'s birthday. He didn't approve of the cheesecake in place of a birthday cake though.  "He" gave me a beautiful purple butterfly necklace...because I pointed it out to daddy.  lol

Only now that it's over do I have time for a tiny bit of sadness.  My SIL had a miscarriage last week.  I think miscarriage ranks very high on my list of most horrible things that can happen.  My SIL has had 3 altogether and 2 in a row.  Yesterday must have been extremely hard for her.

And yes, I'm a little sad for me, because I want another baby so much.  I take part in a forum for Mommy's trying to conceive and I see so many women like me who struggle to get pregnant, or to come to grips with miscarriages.  I just read a story about a British actress that had a miscarriage and she was due in August.  She must have been more than 6 months pregnant, how awful to lose a baby that late in a pregnancy.  I consider myself lucky not to have had to go through that.  Maybe I'm selfish to be sad that I haven't managed to conceive yet.  We've been trying for 9 months or so, but some women try for years.  It could be much worse.

So today, I chose to be thankful for the child I have.  It would be enough even if I never manage to conceive another baby.  He's my pride and joy and I couldn't love him more.

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Darcy said...

So sorry about your SIL, hun. Yes, that's a rough thing to deal with. As for you, I'm confident it will happen when the time is right...and since we are all part of a bigger plan, it may seem like now is right for you, but in the big picture and for reasons you may not understand, it just isn't. I know there is a little soul out there that is meant to have you as a mommy, so keep the faith. :)