Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scary Smart

I have come to the conclusion that my son is scary-smart.  Once he started to talk, he learned words so quickly!  He has known his alphabet for ages and is fairly good with counting too (he used to have something against the number 4, but he's over that now).  Here are a few more examples of his brilliance:

  • We love to show off his smarts with a series of questions.  He can tell people his full name, how old he is, where he lives (City and state), what street he lives on, and his mommy and daddy's names.
  • He loves to play with my husband's old basketball cards.  One day, he was handing them to Adam and asking "Who dis is?", so Adam told him each players name.  From that day forward, he began handing them to people and telling them who that card was.  I'm not kidding.  "Mookie Blaylock, Dennis Rodman, Dana Barrows, Hakeem Olajuwon (yeah, that one is funny to hear him say)".
  • He has a crazy good memory.  He knows his schedule and he wants to stick to it, everything from when his favorite shows are on to which way to drive to certain stores and restaurants.  For example, there is a doughnut shop not far from my house and we have been there with Tyler ONE TIME.  And still, when we turn down that street, he asks to go there.
  • Finally, he is a very technological child.  He got his hands on an IPad once and mastered it immediately.  On the few occasions where we've been desperate for something to occupy him, he has become a whiz at our cell phones.  He even plays with our old models (which we even charge so he can turn them on) and can do things that I couldn't figure out in 2 years of using the phone!  Plus, he loves to use the computer.  He knows where the bookmarks are and where his games are (he gets to play as a treat when he's been very good).  
That being said, my husband brought home an ancient laptop computer for him today.  It will play some of his educational computer games.  Needless to say, the child is in HEAVEN!  I had to snap a picture:

Forgive the somewhat evil expression, he was very excited.

He's going to be so much smarter than me, and I'm just thrilled about that.


notanillusion said...

My buddy is the cutest, smartest baby in the world!

Darcy said...

That's great, Melissa!!