Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IT'S A....

BOY!!!  Yes, we are having another son, a little baby brother for Tyler!  My ultrasound went well (aside from HORRIBLE back pain from laying flat on the hard table) and everything looks great!  He seems very healthy and was wiggling a lot, but he wasn't super cooperative, not giving very many good shots of his face and crossing his legs for a lot of it! I still have the fibroid, but it hasn't grown and probably won't cause any problems along the way.

 Little face
And the money shot!

We are still thinking about names, we're very picky!  I'm starting to feel more little bumps and thumps.  Baby is the size of a CANTALOUPE this week!  How did we go from a sweet potato to a cantaloupe in one week?!  Doesn't that seem much bigger to anyone else???  But that's what my handy dandy ticker tells me.  I think the tech said he weighs about 12 oz. 

I'm so glad he is healthy and well!


notanillusion said...

That kick is great. "No pictures!"

Tanya said...

Aw! This is so great!