Monday, July 23, 2012


29 weeks this week!  My ticker--which I think I have figured out only changes once a month now--proclaims baby boy to be the size of a squash!  That's getting pretty darn big!  It says the baby could be 3 lbs or more by now.  My ticker also tells me I have only 77 days left until my due date.  That seems like a very short amount of time!

I'm still feeling decent.  Evening naps aren't an absolute must anymore, but I find that it's better to limit skipping them to just a couple of times a week or else I pay for it!   My discomfort level is rising fairly rapidly, between AJ invading my lung space and stretching pains along the sides of my belly.  I'm also more uncomfortable at night in strange ways.  My shoulder, ship and even my EAR feel bruised and sore after laying on them for awhile.  It's really bizarre!  You'd think I was sleeping on a wooden board instead of a pillow top mattress.  I'm starting to be pretty encumbered by belly as well.  Putting on  shoes and pants is starting to be more challenging.  I'm (sort of) glad it's warm because sandals are much easier to put on myself than shoes with laces and there is no need for socks EVER.  My stomach appears to be getting a little sensitive again...I'm hoping it's not signalling the full blown third trimester return of morning sickness--I had that with Tyler.  For now, it's sending me back to the Tums container and turning me off of food just a little bit from time to time.  Hopefully it doesn't get worse.

Thursday is my next appointment.  I will be having an ultrasound to check the baby's growth and make sure the fibroid hasn't grown.  My OB is on vacation this week, so I'll have an appointment with the nurse. I'm a little bummed about that, because of course now, two weeks after she told me I'm considered high risk, I have lots of questions to ask.  But I guess they'll keep until my next appointment.

We spent Saturday running errands and then worked on cleaning out the baby's new room.  We have almost everything sorted out, just two more small bookshelves (they aren't very full), the desk (very little storage, mostly just cleaning it off), and a file cabinet (just emptying it, the contents are old and will be put in a box and taken to a shredding place) and then we just have to move stuff OUT.  We're throwing out or putting a lot of the stuff into a yard sale.  We do have a few things that we're trying to figure out where to store.  Namely our board games and paperwork. I think we'll move the file cabinet to the garage, it's fairly small.  The games may have to go on the shelves in my bedroom closet, we just don't have anywhere else to store them.  There will be a few more boxes that may end up out in the shed until we move to a bigger place.  Hopefully we can finish it up soon. I'll feel a lot better when it's cleaned out and we can start to fill it up again!

We also had our anniversary date night on Saturday.  We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse, our favorite and it was delicious!  I ordered my favorite thing on their menu and was happy that I was able to eat it! Then we went to a movie (appropriately "What to Expect When You're Expecting").  It was nice to go out together and just talk, we don't do that very often.

So that's about it!  Update to come after Thursday's doctor's appointment!

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