Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updates, tibits and, mayhap, an announcment

Am I the only one who occasionally enjoys inserting a Shakespearean-esque Old English word in modern conversation?  Yes?  Okay then, moving on.

First off, the boys are thriving.  Tyler got a clean bill of health at his check up and they were happy with how he is growing and of course agree he is so smart!  AJ still wants to eat ALL THE TIME, which now includes baby food.  He likes sweet potatoes, accepts squash, GAGS on peas, and adores all of the fruits so far (peaches and apples).  He's seriously hilarious, mouth gaping open frantically for the spoon.  He is still having bottles pretty much as often though, so not much progress there.  I think (shh!) he's getting closer to sleeping through the night. He's had a few nights that he woke up at 1 or so and we tried to see if he'd go back to sleep for awhile and next thing you know it was 4 am!  The last night, we didn't wake him at his usual 10 pm, so he ate at midnight (why?  Oh just wait, story coming) and didn't get up until 5:50 am, thank goodness!

 So why did we vary our usually religious nighttime routine?  Because at 10 pm last night, my dear husband was coming down the stairs, his nose buried in his cell phone screen, missed the bottom stair, fell and rolled his ankle.  He popped up, said "I'm okay" moved to his chair and proceeded to remove his sock.

Not okay.

In a matter of seconds, a huge (like think tennis ball sized) swollen bump appeared on the side of his ankle.  Not okay.

So off we went to the ER.  Mom stayed with the kids, thank goodness.  Xrays showed that it's a bad sprain with a tiny little chip off of the bone from where the tendons and ligaments pulled away.  He has an air cast and he's using my old crutches (nice bonus of only being a inch taller than your wife).  Apparently sprains can take longer to heal than a broken bone, but luckily it doesn't seem to be hurting him too much, so hopefully with some rest and if I can keep him from being his crazy distracted self, it won't bother him too much for long.

So it was after 1 am before we got home.  Tyler was sleeping on mom's bed--he's been having some bad dreams at night lately and when he does he wants Daddy right now, and no one else will do.  He woke up while we were gone, so she just kept him downstairs so he could see us when we got home.  AJ was asleep in the pack n play.  By the time I got Adam settled and the kids to their rooms, it was after 1:30.  Then I was keyed up, so it took awhile to get to sleep.

So there wasn't much sleep to be had for me last night. Exciting stuff.

Now, on to the announcement...this is one of those things that I am hoping if I put it out there, it will become a reality.  I am working on the very early stages of a book.  I have written many things over the year and I'm finding that my fiction isn't much of anything special. However, I think I could do some decent non-fiction.  I'm drawn in particular to the stories I read on forums and blogs, stories of infertility and pregnancy loss.  So I have decided to do a collection of personal stories of woman who have struggled with IF or losses.  Several friends on my favorite forum have already volunteered to contribute and I plan to reach out to some of the blogs I read as well. Hopefully some of them will be interested.

Obviously this will be a long process.  I have to gather the stories, then write them in my own words. I also want to include a collection of advice/words of wisdom/encouragement from members of the online IF community.  I'm thinking of doing a questionnaire and then probably interviews.  I'm realizing there are so many stories I want to tell, so many perspectives, it's overwhelming!  I want something every woman can relate to.  I can't quite estimate how many stories I'll have room for.  I may have to edit more than I'd like or heck, maybe it'll be a series!

If you are reading this and interested in sharing your story, please contact me. Identities can be kept anonymous if desired.

And now I am going to doze on the couch until bedtime and pray that wannabe snowpocalypse 2013 is cleared up by morning


ADSchill said...

The book is intriguing! I think you should go for it. I have thought about writing a book but I am not disciplined enough to finish something that takes so much time. Maybe someday.

Sorry about your husband! That is no fun. Mine fell off the last stair as well and thankgoodness he was okay because he was carrying the baby!

KelBel said...

So sorry to hear about your husband!! Hopefully you did not get too much snow!