Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Okay, I might be biased

But I seriously have SUPER cute kids.  I'm sorry to brag, but it's true.  We finally went for family photos last week and they turned out really great!  I was worried, because AJ was not really into it. He wasn't fussy, just kind of "what is going on?".  They got enough smiles out of him though!  We hadn't had pictures done in YEARS and no professional ones of AJ (Bad mommy!), so I was really excited about it!  Here are a few of my favorites!

They KILLED me with these hats!


Yeah, AJ was a bit over it by this point.

Also, my baby is turning ONE on Saturday!  I really can't even think about that right now!

In other news, I'm 2 days away from finishing the Shred!  I should be on my last day, but I had a rough week last week and took 2 days off exercise.  I was stressed and (ahem) hormonal and I took a "break".  I still tracked some, but I knowingly went over a couple of days, leading to a small gain this week.  But it's okay.  I will not be defeated by a bump in the road.  I want to be healthy and that takes time.  So I'm set to finish the shred on Thursday.  This may or may not happen, because Thursday is a TV night I cannot miss.  Twin and I will be having a sob-fest over the Cory Monteith tribute episode of Glee.  I'll do my workout before if I have time, but if not, I will finish it up Friday and I'm okay with that.  I'm still considering what I'll do next, probably a mixture of shred days (or another workout DVD) and elliptical training.  I'm really loving the muscles I've developed from the circuit training.  I have BICEPS!  Really!  They are totally solid and everything!  I saw a DVD produced by Dancing with the Stars and it sounded really fun, but it's a longer workout, an hour.  The shred is 25 minutes and fits much more easily into my day.  So we'll see.  I really want to be back down and hopefully to my 20 lbs lost by next Monday, so I have work to do!  I've been good about food so far this week, staying on track, so fingers crossed!


Jennifer Juniper said...

VERY cute kids!! Good job with the working out!!

Darcy said...

Great pics, Melissa!! Happy Birthday to the little guy and congrats on getting so far with the workouts from hell!

MaryFran said...

Great pics!!!!

Keep going. You are doing great with staying on track!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my they are adorable! I love the smiles...so cute! Your oldest has your husbands smile!

Melissa Long said...

Thanks everyone!!

Megs said...

Your boys are completely adorable. Also, I love the little armchair - that is awesome.

Hope said...

Awwww yes, I'm loving the hats, and their smiles! And congrats on the fitness progress -- it sounds like you've already accomplished quite a lot!