Monday, June 23, 2014

Three years ago and a prayer request

Prayer request first.  Twin sissy has been in the hospital since Saturday with gallstones and pancreatitis.  Me no likey.  So it looks like she'll be having her gallbladder out tomorrow.  She's never had surgery before, so please send her any prayers, thoughts and positive juju that you can!  I loves her much!

Since this a serious post, I just also need to recognize that it's been three years yesterday since I lost my little butterfly (Posts HERE and HERE).  I may not have known I was pregnant for more than a few days, but I still remember and think about it sometimes.

And poor AJ had an ear infection complete with extreme non-AJ like days (extremely scary lethargy) and a fever of 103.  So yeah, not a great few days for us. Le Sigh.


Brianna said...

Sending love and hugs to you today, as you have all of this going on.

Jessica said...

Sending prayers for both AJ and your sister! I had emergency gallbladder surgery about a month ago, it was also my first surgery, and I was terrified! But, in the end it wasn't bad, and I feel so much better now that my gallbladder is out! I hope AJ feels better soon!

Early losses are so hard, I remember really struggling when I had mine a little over three years ago as well. But at the same time I like looking back and remembering where I was then because it lets me see how far God has brought me since then.

Keep us updated on how your sister's surgery goes!

ADSchill said...

Prayers for your sissy. Surgery is always scary no matter what the issue.
My babe has hadcear infections twice in the last 3 months and the last one was horrible with constant sleeping and a fever of 105, all while in Hawaii. :( wishing the best for your boy.
Hugs also for your lost baby.

Heather said...

Hope she is getting better! And AJ too.