Monday, March 9, 2015

Twin Talk: The Fault is NPH's

Setting:  Saturday night the movie "The Fault in Our Stars" was coming on one of the movie channels.  I adored the book and loved the movie, so I settled down to watch it.  I posted on Facebook:

Me on Facebook:  Oh, why not, I like a good cry!  #favoritemovies - watching The Fault in Our Stars.


Angie: Tooooo many feeeelings!

Me: Allll the feelings!

Angie: I'm on time out from that movie because I watched it too many times and started to worry I was getting cancer.

Me: OMG stop that!

Angie: Your sister is low level crazy.

At this point we moved the conversation offline and started texting

Me: You will never get cancer. I forbidded it.

Angie: Same to you. I can't deal.

Me: Exactly.

Angie: Dude, because of Doogie Howser I spent half my childhood thinking I was getting leukemia. Thank God we didn't have Internet yet.

Me: OMG sister

Angie: I thought you knew that.  I always think I'm going to catch the disease and die.

Me: No, I did know that. I mean, in general. I didn't know Doogie Houser was involved. I may have to write to NPH (Neil Patrick Harris).

Angie: Do it!  Between that show and Nicky having it, I was positive I was screwed.

Me: See, and I would tell you that we are less likely to get it since lightning already struck this sibling unit. 

Angie: LOL, good point.

Me: It is!  Seriously though, NPH would probably be horrified that his show made you think that.

Angie: Aw, if it makes NPH talk to me, do it because I lurve him.

Me: Hee hee I just might

Angie: I think he'd love me and then we could be bffs.

Me: Hey maybe he'd invite us to the Oscars tomorrow.

Angie: Well, that's a little quick and I don't have a dress, but next year!

Me: Yeah, better.

Angie: And then the boys can make friends with the twins and one of them can marry Harper.

Me: OMG totally!!! It's settled.  This is totally going on my blog, btw.

Angie: I was going to suggest that!

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