Monday, April 20, 2015

This is what happens...

...When I don't have time to post!  Then I have so much and I don't even remember what I've shared and what I haven't and blah it'll probably turn into a very non-detailed bullet pointed update post.  Ah well, I won't feel caught up until I do it, so away we go!

  • There was a Staycation!  We went to the Zoo (it was fun, but cold), we took the kids to one of those inflatable bouncy places (it was fun, but I twisted my ankle), we rented a storage unit and starting the declutter the house project,  and Adam and I had a date night (we saw Insurgent.  I liked the book better, quite honestly)!  Photo evidence of fun:
Goofy boys!

Undersea Tyler!

Big Guy!

AJ goes WEE!
  • Easter happened!  Eggs were dyed and found!  The Easter Bunny went overboard on Easter Baskets!

Dying Easter Eggs

The Bunny has been here!

AJ Loves Paw Patrol!

Hunting for eggs with Daddy


Easter side note: I gave Tyler a book of bible stories for Easter and decided it was the perfect day to read him the Easter story.  My sweet sensitive boy started to sob at the end, saying it was "Such a sad story"!  Wow did I feel like a bad mommy!  I should have started with something more upbeat, huh?
  • I went to Birmingham for work. It was a quick trip, three days. It was a good, but tiring trip. It's always nice to spend time with the other ladies that do the same tasks as me, and we all really enjoy one another's company.  The trip was fairly smooth, although my arrival in Birmingham was delayed about an hour and then we got lost trying to get to the restaurant we were going to!

Cool Picture in Chicago O'Hare

Me and Miss Nova
  •  Twin got us tickets to see Into the Woods in Bloomington on Friday, so we had ourselves a little mini-roadtrip!  It was great, we sang loudly, had dinner at Mother Bear's Pizza (DROOL), walked around the beautiful IU campus for awhile, and the play was excellent!


    These trees were SO gorgeous!

    Spring is here!

    Little brook/creek

  • We are officially trying to get projects done at home so we can possibly list the house this summer.  First up--New Bathroom Vanity!  Adam got a vanity cabinet for $100 at an auction and we got a stone top at the Habitat for Humanity REStore.  He already had the faucet from one of his auctions too.  His coworker, who is also a contractor, was supposed to come and help us, but texted that he was sick 15 minutes after he was supposed to show up (grr!) so we decided to press on by ourselves.  Four trips to the hardware store, a stubborn, crumbling pipe, a stubborn water shut-off valve, and 8 hours later, we're pretty pleased with the results! (Still need to caulk the edges.) Still on the agenda is a new shower surround, pretty big overhaul of the downstairs bath, some flooring installation and a lot of painting!
Before, broken down white and green :-P

Adam in plumber mode

After!  A vast improvement!


Rachel said...

This looks so fun!! Your boys get cuter and cuter every time you post pictures!

Good luck with the decluttering - always a big task! And the new vanity looks great - I love the restore. It's a great way to get nicer products without the price tag and it goes to a good cause!

Thanks for posting - it's nice to see what's happening! :-)

Stasy said...

I'm so jealous you got to be in B-town in the spring and had Mother Bear's! I miss my college days, especially in the spring when the campus is so beautiful.

notanillusion said...

I'm so glad we got to go to Btown. We need to find more excuses to do that stuff.