Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A whole lot of a whole lot

I'm such a bad updater!  Is it bad that this blog has pretty much become an update blog?  I don't know how enjoyable it is for others to read, but I really like being able to document the memories here, and I guess that what counts!
So what's new??  I actually had to go back and glance at my last few posts to figure out where I left off!  Work has been really busy, mostly with doing OTHER people's work!  I get tapped to fill in for others quite a bit, sometimes other's that do the same job as me in other locations, and some totally different jobs.  It works out ok, because my own workload has been lower than normal recently, but it can be a real struggle sometimes too.  I think the majority of that is behind me for now, and I'm a little relieved.
So let's see.  As I mentioned, Tyler is back in school and has been doing great!  He got his first report card of the year last week and he got all A's!  He also had some very nice comments from his teachers.  AND he was Top Dog in Art class a few weeks ago and he is Top Dog in his class this week!  Thursday, he's going on a field trip to an apple orchard and I'm going to chaperone, so that should be fun.  After this week, he's on fall break for two weeks, so Adam and I are going to take next Monday-Wednesday off work to try and do some fun stuff.  We're considering going to the state park nearby, maybe to the pumpkin patch, and I think Adam might take Tyler to the Children's Museum, because they are having an exhibit on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We'd go as a family, but it's SUPER expensive and I think AJ is still a bit young for it, he's not quite to where he will listen and stay with us and not take off running.  
Another big thing happening next week--MY BABY TURNS THREE!!!  How is that even possible?!  I really don't know.  We're having a little family party on Sunday, so that should be fun.
What else?  We close tomorrow on a refinance of the house. We decided to go ahead and do it because our mortgage payment is REALLY High and it's going to save us around $300 in a month, even if we sell the house next year.  We're also going to get some cash back so we can finish our renovations, so I'm sure we'll be getting back to that very soon!
I recently had doctor's appointments with our new family doctor and my rheumatologist as well.  My yearly bloodwork all came back good.  I'd been a little worried about my lupus bloodwork, since I'd been really hurting for a few weeks and feeling run down, but it all came back fine too, so she thinks I just have a hard time with the change in seasons/weather.  That makes sense, I can remember feeling similarly in the spring.
Adam and I have challenged each other to a little weight loss battle.  We "started" on October 1st, but it's been a slow start so far!  I did my Jillian workout Sunday for the first time in ages and although I'm still pretty sore, I did remember why I like her programs!  Doing a move for 30 seconds and then moving on works for me, as does her 25 minute workouts!  Hopefully the scale will show it and I can be consistent about it, and better about my eating habits!
I got on an audio book kick the last few weeks, and when I was working on mindless stuff at work, I listened to audio books I borrowed from the library.  First I listened to "The Help" by Kathryn Stockton, which I actually own in audio and paper versions.  I had read it and listened to it before and I've seen the movie as well.  It's such a great story!  Then I listened to another book I recently read: "As You Wish" by Cary Elwes.  It's all about his experiences while filming the movie "The Princess Bride" and he reads for the audio book as well. It's wonderful, he is very witty and humble and really seemed to have such a great time making one of my favorite movies of all time.  A lot of the other actors and crew contributed too.   After that, I read "On my own Two Feet" by Amy Purdy, the paralympian snowboarder who lost her legs to meningitis at 19 years old.  I saw her on Dancing with the Stars last year and just thought she was a really inspiring person, so I've been wanting to read her book.  It was exactly what I thought it would be, inspiring.  I rounded out last week by listening to "It's not about Perfect" by Shannon Miller.  I happened upon that one while browsing audio books on the libraries website. I've always been a big fan of Shannon's (if you don't know, she is an Olympian gymnast from the 1992 and 1996 games who later battled ovarian cancer) and her book is really beautiful.  She talks about growing up, discovering gymnastics and then competing in both Olympics. I was obsessed with the 96 Atlanta games, with the American gymnastics team, dubbed the "Magnificent Seven" won the gold. Seriously, I nearly wore out the VHS tape I'd used to record the competition.  After listening to her book, I even spent AJ's nap on Sunday watching footage of those Games on Youtube!
When I haven't been listening to books I've been writing one!  My friend Kelly and I have been working on a project all year and I recently finished my first draft of revisions.  We make an interesting team!  The main idea and the characters are her creation, but she claims she's an idea's kind of writer, but not a great technical writer. She doesn't care about grammar and structure.  I've been calling what I've done something between authoring and editing.  I'm definitely bringing ideas and evolution to the characters and their stories, but the concept is really her baby.  I've got one more set of her edits to do and then I really just need to run through it again, to catch anything I missed grammar and formatting-wise.  Then?  I'm not really sure. I think she's going to pass it on to a friend of hers that knows something about publishing, so we'll see where we get from there.  It's a real true novel in terms of length and storyline.  It's geared toward a mature young adult and I think it could have potential, so we'll see!

So that's what we've been up to! As always, I leave you with photo evidence of our busy-ness!

Brothers riding in style!
AJ decided this was his throne
Monkeying around at the park!

Seriously, my kids are the CUTEST!

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