Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Flies!

Fall is flying by!  We have been really busy lately and time is really getting away from me!  I'm sure my update posts are boring to everyone who is not me, but I like to remember what was going on.  This blog has become like a diary to me, and I'm okay with it.  Someday I'd love for it to be more, or to do another blog that has a different purpose, but until I come up with that idea (any suggestions? LOL), on we go!

So!  We left off after week one of Tyler's fall break.  Week two, Adam and I worked while my mom had the kids.  Tyler got to have some of his favorite lunches (Gaga's homemade potato soup and rice and Chinese food) and they even came up to work one day so I could show off my boys and have lunch with them!

Fooling people with that sweet face since 2012

Turned out blurry, but so cute, working hard! I think he liked my background ;-)
He's actually looking at the camera for once! Bonus glimpse of my magnet collection
Cuties!  Tyler insists he wants to work here someday!

Next up was Halloween!  Tyler picked out his costume--he wanted to be a ninja.  He later specified that he was not a bad ninja, he was a protector ninja.  I got AJ a costume too, selecting Marshall from Paw Patrol-If you don't know, Paw Patrol is a kids TV show with a group of dogs that help out their town, Marshall is the Dalmatian fire dog.  When we had passed by the costume section a few times, I had asked AJ what he wanted to be and he said "No" a lot.  I didn't think that much of it.  Then I bought the costume and suggested that he try it on.  Nope, he wasn't interested, in fact he was very UN-interested.  I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, but come Halloween night, he had an almighty fit and seemed truly scared of it, so that was that.  He stayed home with Aunt Chall and Gaga while I took Tyler out and Adam manned the front door.  Maybe next year!

Ninja Protector Tyler!

Only treats for this kid!

That's the goings-on with the kiddos!  For me, work has been pretty busy, since I'm helping fill in for a coworker that quit.  The work is very different and both challenging (in the good way) and intimidating.  I'm trying to decide if I want to pursue the position myself, although I've applied for it before.  Adam and I took the plunge and bought a used pickup truck for his ebay business. Let's see, what else.  Oh, I think I've mentioned here that my friend and I were working on a book together.  Well, we "officially" finished the first real complete draft.  We each sent it to a couple of friends for feedback, so we are anxiously waiting for their reactions.  One of my friends is a published author (check out her book "Fragments" by Tracy Bull on Amazon, it's really incredible) so she's been giving up some advice on publishing and the option of putting it out there as an Ebook.  We're considering everything.  An ebook is certainly the easier, less complicated route, but I know my friend is leaning toward the more traditional publishing route.  So we'll see where that goes, still a lot of work ahead.

So that's it!  I want to apologize for not being as good of a commenter as I usually am.  The computer I usually comment on is no longer an option and I'm really bad at commenting on my phone.  But I'm still reading! I hope a few people are still reading here too!

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Brianna said...

I'm kind of in the same boat as you, life is busy, so am finding it difficult to devote time to really getting into my reader.