Thursday, September 25, 2008

My public insists

So I'm back. Yeah, it's been almost a year. But my adoring public insists that I should resurrect this blog. My adoring public is my twin sister, probably the only one to ever read this, but most of the time I'll pretend that others might stumble upon it. So I re-read some of my old posts and decided they were kinda funny. So why not? Maybe I won't right anything worth reading, but so what?

So updates. The biggest one is that I'm about 6 months preggers. It's the weirdest, best, worst experience of my life. I was less than 5 weeks pregnant when morning sickness started and I still get it if I even think about not taking the RX drug that keeps it somewhat at bay. At best, it's tolerable nausea and no appetite. I'm suddenly a complete vegetarian. I can't eat meat or eggs. The only caffeine I indulge in is the occasional frozen coke (okay a little more than occasional. They are my first official craving), or a little chocolate. I lost more than 15 lbs during the first part of my pregnancy. I've since gained back 7 lbs. At one point, I was sleeping 10 or 11 hours a night and was still tired in the morning!

It's also super cool. I'm having tons of fun picking out things and planning the new baby's room. This will be a boy, his name will be Tyler Nicholas. And he's just starting to make his presence known by little kicks and jabs. WEIRD! He pops around a few times a day for a few minutes at a time around my belly button. It feels strange!

That's the most consuming part of my life currently. I'm sure it might lend itself to some interesting blogs. We shall see!

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notanillusion said...

I want you to write about being pregnant a lot because it is awesome and weird.