Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue GRRRR(ay)

My mom had a toothache today so I had to stay home with Tyler. We had fun, lunch with Aunt G (twin) and then shopping at Walmart. Picked up a few things for G'ma and, per Adam's request, got the new Star Trek movie on DVD.

Or so I thought.

Apparently I got Blue Ray instead of DVD. Which I didn't realize until I had taken off the shrink wrap. I guess the box was slightly shorter than a DVD box, which I didn't notice because in the store it was placed in an anti-theft devise, making it impossible to tell what the actual box size was. Neither Adam nor I noticed it once we took it from the bag at home. THEN I noticed the tiny 1/2 inch border at the top of the box that says Blue Ray.

So another trip to Walmart took care of it, they took it back without too much arguing. But I'm annoyed. I hate that there are two different formats. HATE. But if there has to be, why can't one of them look significantly different? Like VHS vs. DVD or Record vs. cassette tape vs. CD?


Dear Blue Ray Powers that be,
Get some creativity to go along with your technological advances. I DO DVD. Make your shit look different or something.

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notanillusion said...

it should come in a shiny hat. :)