Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HH Owie

So my mom, Tyler and I went to HH Gregg on Sunday to buy a new washing machine. Cause ours broke, of course. The agitator was no longer agitating. So we're standing their while the salesman checks stock and there is this loud crash from the front of the store. We look up and don't really see anything. I knew the sound came from the microwave display on the front wall, so I figured someone had knocked the glass turntable out and it had broken. Half right. So then all these salesmen start swarming to the front of the store. There had to be 15 salesguys. So we start thinking that someone is hurt or something fell over onto someone. But no one is around. Then everyone starting going to the front doors. So of course, we followed. On the way up, we realized that the wall, well it wasn't where it was supposed to be. It was jutting out with large cracks in it. Yep, you guessed it. Someone had crashed their car into the front of the building.

Our salesguy had been looking at the wall in question when it happened. he said that all the microwaves were thrown open, the turntables fell out (and smashed) and then all the microwaves slammed shut again.

It looked like an older couple was driving, and they were fine. Their car didn't even look bad, considering. We are guessing they mistook the brake for the gas.

It's so crazy when you witness shit like that. But it gives me something to write about on my blog that no one reads, except my dear twin, who has probably already heard the story.

Ah well, I can pretend that someone people will have discovered my blog and will read all my old posts. LOL

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notanillusion said...

If you want more readers, the best thing to do is go and comment on other people's blogs. :)
And I liked your story!