Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yes I'm still pregnant.  No, there are no signs of labor yet.  I've been getting a lot of phone calls and texts and every time I call anyone they think it's "the call". LOL  But no, even though I'm technically over 40 weeks pregnant I have not have my baby.  In fact, according to yesterday's appointment, I'm still not making any progress.  My final appointment is Tuesday and at that point we will schedule eviction.  I think it's sort of ironic that first I couldn't get pregnant, and now I can't seem to get un-pregnant!  LOL It's only a matter of time and I'm not in a huge hurry, but obviously there are concerns so I'm just anxious for everything to be done and over and him to be here and healthy!  AJ is still doing well and passed the NST and BPP well.  He's still pretty active and everything looks good. So we wait.

Annoyance of the day...I didn't get paid.  When I called to investigate, the quickly discovered it was just an issue of the approval being misplaced and therefore not processed.  They cut a check by the end of the day and Adam picked it up before coming home.  Trouble is, the number didn't seem quite right to me, to the tune of $180.  I compared two of my paystubs and realized it was a tax issue.  According to our corporate office, short term disability is taxed differently than regular pay.  A LOT differently.  GRRR Uncle Sam!  I'm going to check on this, and I think my mom is going to check with the IRS, because that just seems pointless and unfair.  It would have been nice to know this soon, right?


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