Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Final Countdown Frustration

Well, I have made it to October!  And how!  Tuesday I went to the doctor and discovered that I've made zero progress.  My cervix is long, closed, and posterior.  I was really really disappointed.  My OB asked me if I want a C-section.  I do not want this at all.  I was totally taken aback, I'm not even to my due date yet.  The NST and BPP had gone fine, AJ seems to be doing perfectly fine, just no interest in being born yet!  They are estimating him as 8 lbs 14 oz.  I know they are concerned for me to delivery a baby of that size, considering the fourth degree tearing I had with Tyler, but I know that the estimate can be wrong, even way wrong!  Plus, there is no reason to think I'll have that problem again.  Last time I agreed to using the vacuum, something I won't do this time. I think that really contributed to it.  And why are we jumping to c-section, not discussing induction?  Granted, I don't want either one, but I'd rather try induction again than major surgery.

My OB suggested I come back Thursday to be re-checked.  I don't really expect a lot of progress, given that it will only have been two days.  I'm doing what I can to encourage progress, but I still haven't dropped and haven't noticed any physical signs that I might be progressing, so I'm prepared to tell them that I don't want to consider a c-section or induction until my due date has passed.  I have an appointment Tuesday and we'll see where we are then.  I also want them to explain why they are so concerned and why they think I need a c-section. I'm not scared to tear again.  I don't want to, obviously, but if it happens I can deal with it. I really doubt it would be really terrible.  I know there is a chance of some real damage, but I don't think that will happen. I also get that with NO progress at all, induction might not be effective, but couldn't we try?  We could always switch gears later, if nothing happens or AJ doesn't tolerate it. 

It's frustrating. Of course I want my baby here.  But I just wanted this to happen they way it's supposed to, without drama.  I am determined to give it a little more time.  Then I will consider my options.

So for now, me and my watermelon sized baby are enjoying pineapple (with the core), raspberry leaf tea, and LOTS of walking.  I don't assume any of this is a miracle fix, but it can't hurt, right?

And if my blog world could send some labor vibes my way, I'd appreciate it!  Come on AJ, let's do this!


notanillusion said...

NEPHEW! Get out here so I can begin your lifetime of spoiling!

Randi T. said...

Eva was 8.5lbs and I'm tiny. Doctors are too concerned with size. Good for you too push back on the c-section and induction. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you.

I know its a presumptuous suggestion, but sex is supposed to help a lot. That and walking, sitting on an exercise ball and pressure points can help get this started but limited success if the baby isn't ready yet.

Good luck!

Darcy said...

I'm shocked you were offered a c-section already. Any good doc will know that you can come in with no progress during the day and be in labor at the hospital that night. It's more that if your cervix has already made those changes, the early labor stage will go quicker. Also, don't be concerned about whether or not you've dropped. After your first pregnancy, it's not uncommon for that not to happen until labor starts. Hang in there! Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

A Place to be Me said...

Thanks everyone! Randi, we are trying that too, Lol!

A Place to be Me said...

Thanks everyone! Randi, we are trying that too, Lol!

A Place to be Me said...

Thanks everyone! Randi, we are trying that too, Lol!