Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

I went to look up how big AJ is this week and found out he's the size of a pumpkin!  And now I want pumpkin pie! 

I went to the doctor today and things are about the same!  My uterus is "irritated" and they are picking up contractions on the NST, but my cervix is still long and he's very high, so she didn't fully check for dilation, but I assume I'm not making a lot of progress.  He was hanging out on my right side today, which isn't the norm, but he's still head down and she said she couldn't see his face because he was facing down, so at least he's going the right direction.  I don't think he's really dropped at all though!

Being off work has helped my pain a lot.  This morning was the first time I started fretting about work--I woke up at some point last night and starting thinking about something I needed to call my boss about.  Trouble is, I don't remember what it was now! 

So I'm measuring 41 weeks--whew!  They didn't estimate the baby's size this week, so we'll have to wait until next week for an update on that.  Aside from that, we're getting some things done around the house--not that I'm helping much!  All the baby clothes have finally been washed and we moved Tyler's playhouse to the garage to make room for the pack n play.  Hopefully the baby's room will be pretty much done and set up by the end of next weekend!  My bag is partially packed and outfits have been bought for coming home from the hospital. 

Another purchase, thanks to my big sister, AJ's Halloween Costume!!


That's about it for updates...Just sitting around waiting for things to start happening!  Oh, one last thing, if I could ask for some prayers--one of the dear friends I mentioned in my last blog got bad news regarding her pregnancy's not viable.  I'm absolutely heartbroken for her...she's been through way too much, most of it in the course of the last 12 months.  Sometimes life is so unfair...if any of my readers could say a little prayer or send her some good thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. My heart breaks for her. :(

Until next week, unless I have anything exciting to report until then! :)


jennyfer beagle said...

I will definitely pray for your friend and for you. Hope all goes well. Don't know her entire story. But I kind of know the feeling of a loss of a child. I have had three miscarriages. One in before my pregnancy with trenton (and he barely stayed in). I miscarried chloes twin, and had a hard time keeping her in as well. I had my worse miscarriage before getting pregnant with allyson. I was almost 3 months and had to have surgery to remove her. Ally was my easiest pregnancy, but worse delivery. I will explain that AFTER you have A.J.(I'm superstitious). But I will definitely pray for everyone. Miss you and would love to see you next time I visit indy.

A Place to be Me said...

Thanks Jenny. Wow I had no idea you'd had such a rough time, I'm really sorry. I had a miscarriage last year but nothing like any of that. Next time you're in Indy definitely let me know!

Darcy said...

I will definitely say a prayer for your friend, Melissa. I'm always glad to read your updates and know things are going well for you! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your big baby. :)