Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This week AJ should be the size of a coconut.  According to our ultrasound this morning, he weights around 6 lbs 12 oz.  He aced his NST and BPP and was really active after a quiet weekend!  My belly measures 37 weeks and I had group b strep test.  The nurse also checked my cervix but it’s still long and thick, so AJ should be staying put awhile longer.

I'm feeling okay, but I am having a lot more pain and discomfort this time around!  My hips, back and pelvis are really sore all the time.  Today in particular I'm having trouble walking.  I'm  limping AND I'm waddling.  I'm Lwaddling.  I imagine it's comical to watch!
We finally made some progress on AJ's bedroom! We finished clearing everything out and cleaning and yesterday we painted the walls and ceiling.  We are doing a theme called “Peek A Boo Monsters” and we will be stamping and painting accents on the walls later to go with some decals we are going to get.  The background is basically white with a tiny tinge of blue (called Ice Castles).  I am so glad we finally made some progress!  Adam was a trooper, spending hours taking down the one wall of wall paper and painting the ceiling and my mom and twin did a ton of painting too.  Tyler and I helped as well before succumbing to naptime!  Still left on the to-do list is putting up a chair rail and adding our stamps and accents, plus cleaning the floors and bringing in furniture.  My mom also came up with the idea to let Tyler paint his own picture on a canvas to put in the baby’s room, a present for his brother!  I’m really excited about that!
5 more weeks!

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