Thursday, August 30, 2012

I need someone to come up with post titles for me.

Whew!  34 weeks and I'm carrying a cantaloupe around what used to be my waist!  It feels like much more than that!  My appointments went well and AJ cooperated nicely with the NST and ultrasound.  I saw my OB as well and so far everything is looking good.  My belly measures about 36 weeks and my blood pressure and AJ's heartbeat are both perfect.  She agreed that I'm probably having quite a lot of braxton hicks contractions.  Of course her recommendation is to rest and lie down and drink lots of water.  I can't really rest and lie down at work, but I'm trying to be good and drink more water, as much as my body protests all the long walks to the bathroom.

I have all the typical complaints of a heavily pregnant woman--fatigue, back, hip and pelvic pain, bouts of nausea and indigestion, etc etc etc, but for the most part things seem to be going smoothly.  I am very happy to be finished with the most hectic parts of work this week--this was the week I needed to get through the most at work.  We are preparing for an upgrade of our system, so month end was rushed up a bit.  I also finished writing up procedures for literally every task I do and most of the people who will be doing them in my eventual absence have been trained.  I am relieved to know that if something happens and I have to be out tomorrow, I've done what I can to responsibly prepare everyone as well as I could.  For now, I don't have any immediate plans to be out of work, but it's nice not to worry about it.

We're hoping that the long holiday weekend (and the huge amounts of rain we are expecting thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac) will allow us to make more progress on the baby's room.  My personal goal for the weekend is to clear it out completely and get it totally cleaned.  I'd love to have the wall paper removed from the one wall (who does that?) so that it's ready to paint too, but we shall see if we get that far!

Next week yet another OB appointment (of course with NST and BPP including another weight estimate) and the dreaded Strep B test :-P  I officially see my OB (or one of the other OBs on staff--they want their patients to meet all three OBs so that we are comfortable with whoever is on call when we deliver) every week from now on.  Unbelievably I have only 39 days until my due date!  8-O  It's hard to imagine being a mommy of two!  I hope I'm ready!

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