Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another week, another appointment

32 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of jicama (google it!  I've seen them use it on Chopped!).  Today was my first non-stress test and biophysical appointment.  Well, it was actually supposed to be yesterday. I called on Monday to ask the receptionist a question about my appointment schedule and she casually mentioned that I had an appointment on Wednesday.  I told her that my paperwork said Tuesday.  She looked again and informed me that the appointment had been rescheduled because the ultrasound tech was sick.  I was annoyed, first of all because they had rescheduled me without even informing me (she claimed that they may have planned to call me later in the day), and secondly because they rescheduled me not for my usual morning appointment, but rather for 3:00 pm in the afternoon.  That causes issues for me with transportation, since Adam and I carpool to work up north and my doctor is on the south side.  Anyway, there wasn't much I could do about it, so I accepted the new appointment time.

Today I had planned to take our van to work and leave early for my appointment, but instead I ended up staying home with Tyler, who has a nasty sore throat and has been running a high fever.  Thankfully it's down to a reasonable level now, but boy is he pathetic when he's sick!  It just breaks my heart!

So first up today was my non-stress test.  If you have never had one, basically they just put a monitor on my belly where one part monitors for contractions and the other monitors the baby's hear rate.  They are looking for a certain number of accelerations within a certain amount of time.  The medical assistant hooked me up and left the room for a few minutes.  After maybe 10 minutes, she poked her head in the door and said "Your baby is boring."  Apparently AJ had chosen that moment to be napping.  She gave me a glass of ice water to try to perk him up, but it didn't really work. A few minutes later she had me roll onto my right side and drink another glass of water (I wish she'd have let me drink the water, then turn, I ended up with a wet shoulder from that move) and then gave me a sucker.  Finally, after much waiting and running away from the monitor, he gave them enough movement to satisfy them, since I was also going to have an ultrasound done.

Next was the biophysical, which is just an ultrasound where they watch for breathing and movement.  They also checked the fluid levels, which were much lower this week.  Then I had a quick appointment with my OB.  Actually, it ended up when they rescheduled me they set my appointment with a nurse instead of the doctor, but when I explained my confusion they had my OB come in anyway (*rolls eyes* communication please!).  She was pleased with everything they had seen and cautiously optimistic about the fluid level, although she noted that it's not an exact science and if the umbilical cord was in a fluid pocket it wouldn't be counted.  The bottom line is things look very good, but I will still be monitored with weekly biophysicals and non-stress tests and bi-weekly appointments.  Next week they will also check the baby's size again.  Let's see if he's still packing on the pounds quickly!

So AJ is doing well!  Tyler is on the mend, I think and I'm back at work this week and trying to get things in order to my upcoming maternity leave.  In other news the baby's room is still no where near done--really not even started--but I am considering a new theme of cute little monsters.  And that's about it for now!

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