Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living large!

This week I'm thoroughly enjoying being off of work!  The week is flying by though, of course! Monday we went to the State Fair, a summertime tradition in my family!  It was pretty hot (though not as hot as it has been) and kind of crowded, but we had a good time!  The food was delicious!  I rented a motorized cart because I just can't walk very far without feeling pretty crummy!  Even so, my hips and back and even my shins have been sore all week!  I have found that if I stretch out my hips and back before I got to bed, I am sleeping better, which is a huge relief!  Tyler had a fabulous time, especially riding the kiddie roller coaster and the big slide on the midway. Thank goodness Daddy was there to ride with him!

Today I had my last regular appointment with my OB.  I'm 31 weeks pregnant now and next week I start going for my biophysicals and non-stress tests.  At 31 weeks, AJ should be as long as a stalk of bok choy LOL!  The appointment went well, my blood pressure is good and AJ's heartrate was in the 140's.  My OB read the ultrasound report and told me that they will be keeping a close eye on the fluid levels, since they were a little bit high. They measured at 22 at the ultrasound and anything of 25 is considered polyhydramnios.  Everything else looks good. I'm still measuring around 35 weeks and I really am feeling huge!

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