Friday, December 14, 2012

New Routine

So last week it was time to go back to work. I was off a total of 11 weeks, 3 prior to delivery and just short of 8 weeks after. It seems like forever! It was hard to leave my boys, but honestly I'm used to working too! It's been absolutely crazy at work since I got back. December is always busy and this year is quite literally at least twice as busy as a typical December. I spent a day or so sifting through some of the over 1000 unread emails and then I threw myself into the first of several huge projects. One of our major customers needs all of their invoices for the rest of the year by Monday. It was around 150 invoices total. A coworker in Missouri has been doing some and I am doing the rest. They are the most complicated and time consuming invoices I do, so it's been interesting! I'm almost done and the deadline is Monday afternoon, so it looks like I'll be doing some work from home this weekend! AJ is thriving--he's getting so chubby and he's starting to smile more and more! He's been absolutely vicious about his bottles the last few days--growth spurt? That's difficult because he tends to eat pretty often anyway and now feedings have been as close as 1.5-2 hours! He was supposed to go in for his 2 month check up this week, but he caught a nasty cold, so we had to reschedule for next week. I'm not looking forward to shots! Hopefully it won't bother him too much, but I'm taking the afternoon off just in case. He's finally starting to do a little better at night too. If we feed him around 10 pm he is usually just getting up once a night to eat and then he lasts until 6 am. He still fights going back to sleep some mornings, but we are improving. Tyler is super excited about Christmas! We're taking him (and AJ) to see Santa tomorrow and he can't wait. He's been pretty good lately, especially since I went back to work and mom has been adjusting to taking care of both boys by herself. I'm trying to come up with some ideas of "treats" or something so he has some special times while he continues to get used to AJ being around. So I'm working tons and I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do! I can't believe it's almost Christmas and it really feels like just yesterday I was wishing for a baby for Christmas! I didn't quite get my wish last Christmas, but I have my present this year! I am especially grateful for my babies tonight after hearing about the horrific school shooting in Connecticut. I think the whole country is grieving. It's senseless. My thoughts and prayers are with all affected. There are a lot of new little angels in heaven tonight. God be with their family's as they bear the burden of a holiday without them.

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