Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun Times

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, blogland.  Last week passed in a blur of grossness.  Early Tuesday morning when we got up to feed AJ I started getting sick with the stomach flu.  Tuesday was spent fighting a high fever and general barfy unpleasantness.  By Wednesday I was feeling better, just super wiped out from the fever and not eating.  By Thursday morning my mom and Adam were both down with it.  That left me with Tyler and AJ.  I needed to go into work for at least a little while, so I got some things together (and in the process poured a whole bottle's worth of nursery water on the floor when I forgot to put the liner in AJ's bottle), packed up the kids and made the 40 minute drive to the office.  I got Tyler settled on our laptop and AJ spent some time in his car seat, then on my knee, and finally laying on a blanket on the floor.  Unfortunately it was only an hour and a half or so before Tyler announced tearfully that his tummy hurt.  Cue doom music.  Needless to say, I rushed to finish what I was doing and get home.  Tyler said he couldn't walk, so my dear coworker was nice enough to carry AJ (who was blissfully good during this whole thing) in his car seat down to my van and then wait with the kids while I ran back inside to clock out in the shop (of course the clock in system on my computer wasn't working).  We rushed home and shortly thereafter Tyler started getting sick.  He broke my heart, the poor thing, he really felt awful.  Luckily the worst was over in eight hours or so and he felt better by the middle of the night.  By Friday my mom and Adam were able to handle the kids and by the weekend everyone was reasonably healthy, although we're still a little touchy in the food department.  Blessedly, AJ has yet to catch it, possibly thanks to an oral vaccine against some strains of intestinal flu. 

So, Thursday being Valentine's Day was a complete flop.  Mom had the forethought and opportunity to get the kids (and Adam and me) a few little things and I gathered some gifts on my lunchbreak on Friday, but Adam and I didn't go out as planned on the weekend.  We may be able to this weekend. 

Tomorrow is AJ's four month check up and Tyler's four year check up.  AJ will get shots (I'm praying he reacts the same as he did last night, crying for thirty seconds and then sleeping most of the rest of the day and the next) and both boys will see our family "doctor", PA Amber.  We all adore her and she loves kids.  I'm interested to see how big the boys are and I'm hoping she has some suggestions to help us curb AJ's every-two-hour feeding schedule.  We shall see!

In other news, I found out that my next business trip will be in May and I'll be going to Dixon, CA!  I'm not looking forward to having to be away from my boys for the better part of four days, but I am excited to get the chance to visit California, having never been further west than Missouri!  I'm also presenting a good deal of training material at the conference and I'm hoping it may lead to some new opportunities at work.

So there we are, a good old fashioned update post!  Notice the new tabs on this blog, I'm getting fancy!  I'm also working on a "100 Things" list, just for kicks, though I'm having trouble talking about myself that much!

My in-real-life friends and family say they read, and I hope I have a few virtual readers.  I've been reading oodles of blogs lately and it makes me wish I could increase my reader-ship.  I'm not sure how to go about increasing my traffic, though.  Any ideas (or just to say hi, I read!), leave me a comment!

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Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse said...

Well, that's no way to spend Valentine's Day! I hope everyone's still recovering nicely and that the two rounds of check-ups went smoothly.