Sunday, February 3, 2013


I can't believe that my baby, my first born, is four years old!  Why does that sound like so much older than three!?  He's getting so big and he's so smart!  He's a great big brother, too!  He makes me smile and laugh every day with his antics!  He uses such adult phrases, and uses them correctly even though he might not really understand them.  Yesterday he was telling me the Squidward (from Spongebob) isn't nice and he doesn't like Spongebob and Patrick because they "ruin his life all the time"!

Things about Tyler at 4
  • He is still a super picky eater!  He loves McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries and Steak N Shakes vegetable soup.  He likes pizza and has even discovered that he likes my mom's chop souy and rice.  He likes fruit snacks and yogurt bites and cheese a cheddar fries.  He eats mashed potatoes dipped in corn.  He loves apples, grapes, strawberries, watermelon and bananas (though he can't have those too often!). He likes juice and gets to drink sprite for a treat when we eat out.  He likes poptarts and toast and cereal with no milk!  He has a huge sweet tooth, especially for smarties, cookies, and doughnuts.
  • He loves to go to the "toy room" at Walmart and try to win smarties out of the candy crane machine.
  • He love Thomas the Train, Dinosaur Train, Calliou, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, Word World, and Spongebob.
  • He loves Hot Wheels and Cars.
  • He loves to play on the computer, on,, Pogo, and watching videos on YouTube (Thomas, etc). He also loves to play on our smartphones and he could probably give lessons on how they work!
  • He loves to play outside and would everyday if not for things like rain and cold.
  • He can count to at least 50, though he'll occasionally replace numbers like 30 with "twentyten".
  • He was pretty delayed on potty training, because of his constipation issues, but he's going strong now and doing great!
  • He loves "The Big Bang Theory" and thinks Sheldon is hilarious.  He even sings "Soft Kitty".
  • When he cries his eyebrows get bright red, just like mine.
  • He can already read and recognize several words, especially his favorite TV shows on the television guide!
  • He loves to play with other kids, especially his cousin Toby and he can't wait to "go to school".
  • He likes to bring AJ toys and loves it when AJ touches him.
For his birthday we took him to the mall and let him "Build A Bear".  He chose a monkey.  He had a great time stuffing it, prepping it's little satin heart to go inside, giving it a "bath" and filling out it's birth certificate on the computer.  He didn't want a sound box or any clothes.  He proudly announced that the monkey's name is "Ziggy".  I tried to ask him where he got that name, but he just gets confused and tells me he got it at Build A Bear. LOL  We also had pizza and Annie Anne's pretzels and even a cookie (Yikes!).  Monday he got to pick out a toy at Toys R Us from Gaga and then she bought him a Happy Meal.  Then my sister's came over for dinner and he enjoyed the icing off of a piece of chocolate cake and (his favorite) the little letter candies we decorated the cake with.  He had a fun day and was a little disappointed that it couldn't be his birthday the next day too!


Darcy said...

Glad little man had such a nice birthday! One more year home and then it will be time to get ready for kindergarten! Hard to believe, isn't it?!

A Place to be Me said...

Darcy, it's impossible to believe! We're thinking of putting him in preschool next fall, he can't wait to go to school. What about Will?