Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another update post

Yeah that's almost all I have had time for lately!  Hopefully with my new laptop I will have time to post more often!  Plus, it's going to allow me to finally get back to working on my book!  I haven't touched it in over a month!  NOT GOOD!  Now fingers crossed that my kiddos cooperate and sleep in the evenings so I can take advantage of my purchase!  And lets hope the temptation of facebook and pogo can be resisted!

So, aside from my post about my trip (SO MUCH FUN!  The post is actually finished, but I felt like I should post this one first), I have missed updates about my birthday (I'm 31 you guys, how did that happen?) and Mother's Day.  My birthday was good, we celebrated my older sister's birthday Saturday (hers is the 27th) and ours a few days later.  My awesome hubby had already purchased my birthday/Mother's day gift, allowing me to pick out a Coach purse and wallet at the outlet a few weeks ago.  LOVE IT, though I'm still reeling a little bit because with the 50%  off the purse the wallet actually cost more!  My mom surprised me with a snow cone maker!  I had been eyeing them at the grocery store but I had forgotten all about it!  I'm sort of obsessed with slushies and frozen cokes.  I've always liked them, but my love for them was really awakened when I was pregnant with Tyler.  So that was a home run and the whole family has been enjoying snowcones for weeks now.  Let me also say that chocolate birthday cake and cherry snowcones are a match made in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!  Adam and the boys pitched in with syrup for the slushies and mom and the boys also gave me a very pretty bouquet of flowers.  My older sis gave me a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi (which I haven't had time to cash in yet! BOO) and twin gave me a three month subscription to Spotify, which I'm totally loving and it gets me around eating the crap out of my data plan LOL!

OH!  And we got a new car!  We'd been wanting to trade in our explorer for awhile, but we'd financed it out for such a long term to get a payment we could afford at the time that it wasn't worth what we owed, according to most dealerships.  Then one day I heard a commercial on the radio for a website where you can list your car and get offers from multiple dealerships and you chose the one you want to take.  We figured what the heck, so we tried it.  And we got an offer for more than we owed!  We actually ended up going to a different dealership and showing them the offer and they honored it!  It's a dealership that Adam's boss has a good relationship with, so we wanted to give them a shot. We wanted something that got better gas mileage and was more reliable--our Explorer was a 2002. We ended up in a 2008 Ford Focus--in a gorgeous blue color!  I haven't driven a car in such a long time, but I really like it!  And with the gas savings we are probably saving some money, plus it's newer and more reliable! WIN!

The kids are doing pretty well.  AJ is seven months old and is so big!  He could sit up if he wanted to, but he refuses, but I swear he's going to crawl soon!  He's a champion roller now and while he's on the floor he rolls around grabbing at things and thinking about trying to scoot.  He's so silly, when you tickle him, he tries so hard not to laugh!  He even holds his breath!  He also does this when we're changing his diaper!  He's outgrowing his bouncy seat, his butt taps the floor when he gets going, but I don't know what I'm going to do with him since he won't sit up!  It's also getting increasingly hard to carry him in his carseat! 

Tyler loves to play with AJ!  He's helped teach him to clap his hands and he brings him toys, although he tends to get way to close to his face!  He's working on writing his letters, coloring inside the lines, and we were just trying to teach him his left hand from his right hand.

My mom's birthday was while I was in California :(  Before I left, I helped Tyler make four stepping stones for her, two for her birthday and two for Mother's Day. He had a lot of fun making them and she really liked them.

Mother's Day was very nice.  Tyler and AJ (with help from Daddy) gave me a pretty trinket box with butterflies on it and a set of bookmarks.  My mom and I spent the day planting our garden--we will have tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetable spaghetti, strawberries, watermelon, green beans, and carrots (I hope!).  Then we cooked out on the grill for dinner followed by a strawberry/whipped cream angel food cake.  YUM!  We also ended up having a little impromptu photo shoot in the tree in our back yard, resulting in some great mother's day pictures!

Since then it's been all working and catching up on housework.  Saturday we hit a big sale at a local electronic store to buy my laptop and Adam got some deals on some things he's hoping will sell well on Ebay.  Then I ran some errands solo.  Sunday we did our grocery shopping and then did a ton of cleaning and laundry and organized the family room, specifically integrating some new sets of rolling drawer to organize Tyler's toys.  The family room hasn't looked this decent in a loooong time!

Finally, I would be greatly remissed if I didn't acknowledge the terrible events of this week in Oklahoma.  My heart breaks seeing the destruction and thinking of what the people there are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the rescue workers.  People have lost loved ones, faced terrible injuries, lost their homes and possessions, and seen unspeakable things.  I can't imagine sending my children to school and something like that happening to them.  I can't imagine being a first responder and pulling children from the rubble.  May God be with them all.

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