Monday, September 23, 2013


 LOL this is totally random, but I got a new live wallpaper recently for my phone and I'm obsessed! It's called Happy Sky Live Wallpaper.  It changes based on what time of day it is!  It also seems to possibly change with the weather?  I'm not sure it registers storms or rain, but it does seem to get if it's a cloudy day or not!  They are totally out of order because I had to upload from my phone and I just grabbed captures whenever I noticed them.  They were different each day even at the same time of day.  Check out some of these screenshots! 

Purple Sunset! 6:10 AM

Moody evening clouds! 7:50 pm
Check out the rainbow! 6:09AM
Puffy cloud perfection! 7:41 am
Check out those sun set colors! 5:01 pm
Believe it or not, this was during the day. 3:45 pm
Yellow sunset 5:05 pm
Gorgeous sun rise! 5:02 pm
Evening 8:39 PM
One of my faves, sunrise 7:18 am
Cloudy evening 6:56 PM
Starry night 7:37 pm
A different evening, 7:40 pm, cloudy that day
Gorgeous sunset 5:40 pm
Good morning!  7:33 am


Jennifer Juniper said...

lol! It's the little things! :)

Melissa Long said...

Yes it is Jennifer!

Rach said...

OMgosh I love this! I'm going to see if I can find it for :-)

I'm addicted to new backgrounds on my phone and computer ( and blog revamps, and redecorating...ok, I may have a problem). :-)

Melissa Long said...

Me too Rach!!! I would love my blogs to looks a little cooler, any tips? Feel free to work magic on AAI!

MaryFran said...

Ok, that's too cool!!!

Frozen OJ said...

Love it! I'm weird, I have the same background as the one I got like three phones ago lol. Each time I get a new phone I just put that background on there. But I have my gmail set so the background changes based on the weather and I absolutely love it! Sometimes it knows it's about to rain before I do.