Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tricky Treating

What I consider to be first of the triple-threat holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) has come and gone!  Halloween was somewhat eventful, as for the first time in my life (to my recollection, anyway) trick-or-treating was postponed here in Central Indiana.

All week, they had been discussing the possibility of strong storms on Thursday night with very high winds.  I kept an eye on the forecast and came up with two "back up" plans.  The first was to take the kids to trick or treat at the local mall. That would involve leaving work early, as the hours were from 4-6.  We also would only attend that event if it was raining, but not REALLY storming (not dangerous to be out in the weather).  The second was Halloween cookie baking and "mini trick or treating" to my mom and sister for Tyler.

After some initial hesitation, the city officials did postpone trick or treating to Friday and so we stayed home and did option 2 (good thing too, they postponed the mall trick or treat as well).  Tyler didn't seem to phased by the whole thing and I was very glad we were able to stay in.  The wind was CRAZY!  My little guys would have blown away out there! 

At our local orchard/pumpkin patch-My two little pumpkins and their pumpkins!
 My mom snagged these awesome (and EASY) pumpkin decorations!  No carving required!
Side 1-SCARY!
Side 2-Silly!

Fat Bat!

And finally, my adorable little Treats!

Silly and Sweet Spongebob!

My little Monster!

AJ loved bopping along in his stroller!  Bonus-a place to dump Tyler's extra loot!

Tyler had a BLAST and was a HUGE hit! 
 Everyone loved Tyler as Spongebob and he was on cloud nine, losing his mind over getting Smarties and pointing out the costumes of all the other kids.  "Mommy, there's a BANANA!"  He didn't want to stop!  Finally after about an hour and half he was tired and we'd just about hit every house with their lights on in the neighborhood, so we headed home to give out candy for a little while. 

I have done a fairly decent job at resisting the Halloween candy, sticking to just a piece or so here and there.  The last week or so I slacked a little bit on food choices and tracking, but I still hit my workouts pretty well. I am back on tracking now and stepped up my elliptical workouts to include hand weights, so that's been a new challenge.  Although I didn't post a loss from last week, we did have first weight in for the weight loss challenge at work (not sure if I mentioned this or not) and I am in SECOND PLACE!  I posted a 7% loss.  The guy in first is at 9% and we are followed by a three way tie at 5%.  I was really surprised and happy to see that result, maybe I do have a shot at a little monetary kickback!  We'll see! 


Rach said...

Your little guys look soo cute, hehe! I love seeing kids in costumes!

Umm, I love those pumpkin decorations too - like Mr. Potato Head for Pumpkins!

Great job on your weightloss so far...that's awesome to be in second place! Good for you for resisting...I didn't...the week of Halloween was basically a write off for me! :-( Ah well, the point is to get BACK on the bandwagon, right?

Melissa Long said...

Thanks Rach! And you're so right, getting back on track is always the most important part, never let it get you down!

Stasy said...

They are too cute!

Congrats on the weight loss. :)

Mrs. E said...

Wow, that sounds like some serious wind! Your little guys were adorable though :) glad they were still able to celebrate, even if it wasn't actually on the day. Awesome job on the weight loss, too. Not an easy season to stay motivated!!

Mrs. E said...

Oh wait, I think I misread that and thought you had to postpone everything til Friday lol. Glad you had a backup for Thursday (is what I should have said!) :)

Leah Campbell said...

Oh so cute! Kind of crazy that Halloween was actually postponed too! Who knew cities even did that?!?