Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Truths and a Lie

Jenny at Dogs Aren't Kids posted this on her blog today, I thought it was fun and she tagged me (well, everyone) so I'm going to do it too! 

If you are reading this, you have to do it. I tagged you. Those are the rules.
Tell us 3 things about you and make 1 of them a lie. Try to think about what other bloggers already know about you, what might shock them and what they don’t know and would simply not being able to guess which one is a lie.
Here are mine.
1. I broke my ankle when I was 9, just days before 4th grade started
2.  I used to have a job selling jewelry.
3. I appeared in a local commercial when I was a teenager
Comment below with which one you think is a lie.
Make a new post on your blog and do the same.
After you get a bunch of guesses (or whenever you feel like), make a new post with the right/wrong answers and explain them if you want.


Rach said...

Ummm, I think #2 is the lie! Amiright? They're all pretty believable so it's tough to guess!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I agree with Rach. I think #2 is the lie! : )

Melissa Long said...

I'll posting in a day or two with the answer! This is fun!