Thursday, July 24, 2014

Updates: Kiddos and more

You guys, my baby starts school in four days.  I seriously can't believe that.  I'm working on a post about our FANTABULOUS overnight anniversary trip, but first, I thought I'd throw together a little update post on the boys, since the big event is coming up!

I took Tyler to the doctor the other day for his last two shots.  Thankfully, they went much better than last time, that MMR was awful for him.  His leg swelled and was red and hot.  This time you can't even tell where the shots are on his little legs.  I think these were for polio and chicken pox.  We checked his height and weight too. We had suspected that he'd hit a little growth spurt and we were right!  He'd grown 1/2 inch and 2 whole pounds!  He's in the 20% for height (he's a shorty) and I think the 30% or 40% in weight, I can't remember, but for him, it's a good steady growth.  So yay!  He's did great with the shots, only cried a little bit and perked up when I brought out the secret weapon--sour patch kids!  Now we just need to get his hair cut this weekend and he'll be totally ready for school!  He's excited and has even been counting down the days on his calendar.  I'm sad that he's growing up, in a way, but I hope he likes school and I think he will.  Adam and I are both taking Tuesday off so we can take him to school and pick him up on his first day.  We might even go for lunch, but we haven't decided yet.  And of course we'll take obligatory first day photos! 

My goofy big boy

As we were getting ready to go, Amber brought his shot record in and pointed out that for some reason his first Hepatitis B shot was missing from the records sent over by his pediatrician when I started bringing him to our family practice.  She said it was the very first one missing, which he should have received while still in the hospital.  She told me to fill out a request form at the desk and they'd try to request the record from the hospital.

I filled out the form and called them back today to see if they'd heard back from the hospital.  Initially they said no, but she called me back before I could even call the hospital and said they'd just received word that the hospital had no record of it either!  They suggested I call the pediatrician and double check with them. I tried their number and was reminded that they'd closed permanently.  I called the office again and she suggested I contact the health department, since these records are usually sent to them.  Thankfully, they were able to find it!  Apparently, he has two records at the hospital and one is just the one vaccination by itself.  I have no idea why, but at least they found it!  Luckily, the DOH wasn't far from work, so I ran there on my lunch break, then took the record to the doctors office to get the entire record so I can send it to school WHEW!  Dodged a bullet!  I don't know if they would have refused to let him start school (I don't think so) but I'm glad it's taken care of!

As for AJ, he's being such a character lately!  He's starting to show a little a defiant side!  He loves to push buttons and he's constantly turning on the DVD player or grabbing the remote or the telephone, no matter how many times we have told him no!  He can drink from a straw finally, but only seems willing to do it when it's OUR drink (usually soda), he's refusing straw-sippies or the take and toss with straws.  He's still not talking as much as maybe should be. We were trying to count last night and he only says maybe 10 or so works CONSISTENTLY.  He'll repeat other words or has said them randomly, but no so much on demand.  He calls me Mama, but really don't address Adam or my mom as anything consistently.  He says things like ball, up, bye bye, night night,  PACI, COLOR, (in caps because it's usually said LOUDLY), juice, Mama, no, and a few other things.  He loves to stick his finger in things!  He is very attached to his paci and it's the soothie ones, the big round rubber ones and they have these two holes in them that he loves to stick his pinkie in.  He also sticks his fingers in the windows of his dye cast Thomas trains and any of the recessed screw holes on his toys.  His new thing is the "Happy Dance" where he gets super excited about something and sort of runs in place and waves his arm and sometimes shrieks.  The other day at the doctor my mom was giving him some yogurt bites and he would do the happy dance every time she offered him one!  AJ is a pretty good eater, though he still has a habit of shoving too many of something in his mouth and starting to choke, scaring the beejeezus out of us.  He doesn't eat a HUGE variety of foods and he isn't always willing to try things, but sometimes he'll surprise us and want what we're having for dinner, like taco salad and last night, meat loaf!  His favorite food is "sketti" (spaghetti) and peaches.  He's crazy and silly and I think he'll be taller than his big brother before too long!
Practicing for when he's older and unavoidably bespectacled...also notice his B/F/F, Paci

As for me, I have worked out the last two days (yay!) so I'm trying to get back on track there.  I need to focus on my eating habits too. I wasn't nearly as sore as I was beginning the routines this time. My joints hurt some, but it's manageable and my muscles aren't too bad.  Hopefully the numbers will start to drop again!

So there's my update for now!  I'll get back to working on our trip post, I want to do it justice!  And I really should finish my post on considering baby number 3, since that's been on my mind lately.  Stay Tuned!

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