Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Top Dog

First of all, thank you for the prayers!  My mother in law is doing better.  Her liver function is continuing to improve and she seems much more alert and is awake and talking and even making sense lol.  Her kidneys are still a major problem, but dialysis is proving effective for now.  The doctors will wait about a month and then will determine what "state" renal failure she has.  We continue to pray for improvement on that!  For now, thought, we're thankful that she's improving!  I really appreciated the prayers and well wishes!

It was a crazy week last week, but not without it's high points!  This little man was awarded the position of "Top Dog" at school for his class last week!  Their mascot is a Bulldog and each week one student is chosen for good behavior, participation, whatever, to be the Top Dog and last week it was Tyler!

Top Dog!  So proud!
He just melts my heart.  He proudly pinned his ribbon to the curtain in his room.  I think the teacher may have chosen him in part to bolster his confidence, and I'm sure this award will make it way to all the kids, but I'm still one proud mama that he got it so early in the school year!

Thursday was back to school night!  Tyler was so excited to show us around the school and we were surprised and happy to see how many little friends he already has!  Walking through the halls we were constantly hearing "Hi Tyler!"  We also got a chance to meet his very best friend, a little girl named Lorelei, and her parents.  Lorelei immediately hugged Tyler!  She's such a cutie.  She has a little sister and little brother too.  Her mom and I exchanged numbers and have already been chatting  a bit about the goings-on in Kindergarten!

Of course, we also got to meet and talk to all of Tyler's teachers.  Of course, I'd already met his main teacher, Mrs. M, but we also got to meet the assistant homeroom teacher, the art, music, PE, Spanish, and Library staff. They all had great things to say about Tyler. They all remarked about his trough beginning but said he's doing great now and is a really sweet little guy!

A prize for completing all the Back to School night tasks--It's a pencil that says GO BULLDOGS!

Fooling around in the cafeteria

Showing off his work--and not looking at the camera with his eyes!

 He's doing so great!  Unfortunately, the poor guy is sick as a dog again!  The doctor says it's viral, so we're muddling through, but he's been home both days this week. Hopefully he'll be up to going tomorrow!!

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