Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prayers needed

I'd like to ask my few readers, as well as put it out there for the universe as a whole, to pray for my mother in law. 

She was admitted to the hospital on Monday with kidney and liver failure.  It was apparently caused by acute acetaminophen toxicity.  She has been living for years with chronic pain from a car accident.  She had fallen at home on Friday but seemed okay and after her husband moved her to the couch, she remained there, pretty incoherent until he decided to call for an ambulance on Monday afternoon. 

As of now, her liver function is improved, but her kidneys still aren't functioning.  They started her on dialysis yesterday.  She tolerated it pretty well and is talking more today, although she's still not making much sense.  They had thought that was mostly due to the medication still in her system and the overall build up of the toxins, but the dialysis should help clear that out.  If not, it's possible there may be some sort of brain damage.

The doctors say there is still a chance her kidneys will come back, but it's not likely.  This is going to be a huge blow and unfathomable change for the whole family.  Neither she nor her husband are working and they don't have medical insurance so we aren't sure how things are going to go in the coming weeks and months. 

Any positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated greatly!!!