Monday, April 11, 2016

Rejection is a dish... not served at all. We've gotten two rejections from publishers. It wasn't unexpected, the editors had some positive things to say, but still, it isn't fun. I still have high hopes. We should hear back from 2 more publishers before the end of the month, one in particular that I'm anxious to hear from. So we'll see.
In other news, I might finally have a lead on a new position at work. I don't have specifics yet, but hopefully something will be solidified soon.
The kids are doing well. AJ has to have some dental work done in a few weeks, and it's extensive enough that it has to be done under general anesthesia. After the horrible experience Tyler had two years ago, I'm pretty anxious about it. I know that it was a fluke that his throat got scratched up during the procedure, which caused his pain, but I'm still nervous. And it's two days before my birthday, so I really hope he doesn't have a hard time.
Tyler enjoyed spring break and is back at school. He is doing really well, all A's. He's become a big help around the house and he's so sweet with AJ. AJ is trying to do everything Tyler does. He jabbers all day long and says the funniest things!
We are still working like mad on the house. This weekend we are sanding and refinishing our kitchen cabinets. I'm really starting to feel like we are in the home stretch. We still have to paint my mom's room and we are having the carpet in the family room and upstairs hall replaced (the one and only project that we are not doing ourselves, though we will remove the carpet ourselves to save a little bit), but the rest of our projects are fairly small.  Right now, we should be done with everything by early June, so my goal is to list the house no later than July 1st. I really think we can do it, barring anything unexpected.  

So that's it for now! We've created a Facebook page and Twitter account for our book, feel free to check it out, we're slowly putting more information out there and hopefully some big things will be announced there soon!

And now, I leave you with a random photo of AJ with raspberries on his fingers.  Because, why not?

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Brianna said...

Sorry for the rejections :( Hopefully they at least gave some feedback for you as to WHY they passed on your book.