Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Nine years...I've been writing on this blog (on and off) for nine years.  Yesterday was my official blogiversary, but I was sick and didn't even touch a computer all day.  It's crazy to think of all the things that have happened since I started this blog. I'm glad I have this blog to look back on and remember!

We're keeping busy these days!  Like I mentioned in the last post, my friend and I submitted our novel to several publishers. We've gotten some correspondence back, but no official acceptance or rejection yet. We should start hearing back in a few more weeks. I realized after I wrote the last post that we had sent the first submission on February 29th, Leap Day. Rather fitting to take such a metaphorical leap on that day.

We're also back to working on the house every spare minute. We finally got all the (horrible, stubborn, God-foresaken) wallpaper off the walls, skim coated them and painted, so all that's left is to sand the cabinets and seal them and change out the hardware and then the kitchen will be done!  We're taking next week off of work and if the weather cooperates we're hoping to work on the outside of the house. Slowly ticking things off the list!

Tyler's doing great, another report card with all A's. He had a playdate with two of his friends a few weeks ago and we went to the school carnival last Friday. AJ's got a cold right now so he's been cranky--honestly he's been a touch cranky lately anyway.  I think 3 is a tougher age than 2 for him!  He's had a few accidental successes in potty training, but we haven't had too much luck. Ah well, we'll keep trying!

So that's a tiny update and a post to mark 9 years of writing here.  I know I don't have a lot of readers, but I'm thankful to anyone who takes the time to look over my ramblings!  I still read, but can't comment much from my phone and everything is blocked at work now :(

But I'm still here, still following along, still wishing you all the best!

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Brianna said...

Happy anniversary! I hope it's a good sign that your submission was on Leap Day. My fingers are crossed for you that getting your book published is a relatively easy process.