Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It starts

I don't usually post cryptic Facebook posts. They can be irritating. It usually seems like the poster is looking for people to press them for details, like attention-seeking. I broke my rule of no cryptic statuses yesterday, though.

Here's what I posted:

I did something very cool today. No matter what the outcome, I'm proud of myself!

Yesterday my friend and I submitted our book to a publisher for the first time. More than two years of work, with the last two months spent getting feedback and preparing submissions documents. I just feel so accomplished, to have actually co-authored a finished product.

We sent a short synopsis, bios, marketing olan, and query letter. The response time is 3-6 weeks. So imagine shock to receive an email this morning from one of the editors! She said they would love to see the final manuscript and that the synopsis was very interesting.


This is happening. No matter what, and editor is going to read and consider our work. I can't really decide if I'm more excited or terrified by that prospect!

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Brianna said...

This is AWESOME! Way to go!!