Monday, April 30, 2007

Birthday Bomb

I've never had very good luck on my birthday. Hell, before it was even officially my birthday I had bad luck. That is to say that my older sister was buried on my birthday, although I was still around -7 years old, but still, it's a little bit of a damper on the day. Usually it's something minor, like having a head cold or something. But I've had a few birthdays from hell. The worst one was probably my 19th. My appendix ruptured and I had emergency surgery followed by four days in the hospital. Fun. This year wasn't great though. My parents had to go to court about their impending divorce and whether my dad had to pay spousal support. So no fun there at all. But at least I only had to work a half day. It could be worse...right? Oh yeah and my back is all screwed up cause, like the jack ass I obviously am, I decided to try some of my old skating moves while hanging out with friends for a pre bday bash with my twin and fell hard. I'm only 25? Why do I feel 125???

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